• Orgone is an energy filter. Charged energies are attracted to the metal in the device and filters through the Crystals which re-structure the energy into a more compatible form for humans to be around
  • Selected material:Chakra Stones include red jasper, amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, aventurine, citrine.Gemstones is sealed in resin glue.copper metal owns different style:Om Symbol/Flower of Life Symbol/Eye of Horus Symbol
  • Orgone is a handmade product & may show some small imperfections from curing such as bubbles or texture variations, but this in no way affects the quality or function of the orgone devices themselves.
  • Orgone is not intended/stated to treat or cure any serious medical issue- as medical issues are suggested to be attended to by a proper physician. Many people experience effects that can reduce the symptoms of certain issues but these vary person to person
  • Gift box packaged --Each Orgone Energy Pendant is packaged with gift box,Easy to store and convenient for gift.you can feel the power of this orgonite once you pick it up! It must not disappointed you
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