• Stunning Design: Choose your zodiac sign and decorate with a vibrant, LED 7 color-changing 3D display essential oil diffuser that empowers your energy as a successful and generosity Scorpio, elegant 3D glass build makes this aroma essence diffuser perfect for birthday gifts
  • Perfect For Oils: Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the water inside and enjoy consistent cool mist diffusion from the top of the orb for up to 4 hours, and featured with timer settings
  • Peace Of Mind: The premium, quiet ultrasonic personal humidifier diffuses essential oils in a steady stream of cool mist and will automatically shut off when water is running low, energy-saving and runs quitely with no beeping
  • Restorative: Using this 3D glass oil diffuser humidifier, banish lingering unpleasant odors, and moisturize the air for softer skin with cool mist humidity and diffused essential oils
  • Night Display: Display the aromatherapy diffuser as a calming or romantic night lights while LED lights and 3D premium pigmented glass create an elegant display with 7 color setting options, colors could be automatic changing or by manual setting, LED lights also could be switch off if needed, nice birthday presents
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