• Size - Women zodiac necklace approx: 45+5cm(17.7"+1.97”), Constellation bracelets approx: 8 +3.5cm(7.09"+1.38”). Length is adjustable. Studs earring approx: 1.3cm(0.51”). 3PCS sets total Weight (including the card) : 15g. Delicate and stylish, this necklace sets is a truly thoughtful gift for a dearest loved one.
  • Material for Gold Jewelry - The necklace, earring and bracelets use double-Layered gold plating to pendant and chain to prevent tarnishing. Chain has also been strengthened for more durable wear. Adjustable cable necklace supports a 14K gold dipped zodiac charm depicting your sign’s constellation.
  • Occasion - Perfect necklace and bracelet sets for wedding, engagement, graduation, party, prom, daily wear and any event to be beautiful goddess.
  • Gift for Your Love - Delicate and surprise gift idea for your best friend, lover, girlfriend, fiancée, wife, mother, daughter, grandma on Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day.
  • After-Sale Service - We devotes to provide whole-heart service for each customer, please contact with us freely if you have any questions, we will try our best to solve your problem within 24 hours.
Brand StorySince 1990, famous for its fashionable design as well as premium quality, JVILU is a fashion brand of women accessories. Each accessories of JVILU is carefully handmade with the designers paying great efforts.We believe that good material, attentive design and first-class workmanship together can bring you a surprising experience.Mar.21- Apr.19 ARIES. Fire element. Courageous, energetic, willful, commanding, leading. Often leads when following would be best course of action.♉ Apr.20 - May 20 TAURUS. Earth element. Pleasure seeking, loves control, dependable, grounded, provokes slowly, and highly sensual in nature.♊ May 21 - June 20 GEMINI. Air element. Cerebral, chatty, loves learning and education, charming, and adventurous.♋ June 21 - July 22 CANCER. Water element. Emotional, group oriented, seeks security, family.♌ July 23 - Aug.22 LEO. Fire element. Generous, organized, protective, beautiful.♍ Aug.23 -Sept.22 VIRGO. Earth element. Particular, logical, practical, sense of duty, critical.♎ Sept.23 - Oct.22 LIBRA. Air element. Balanced, seeks beauty, sense of justice.♏ Oct.23 - Nov.21 SCORPIO. Water element. Passionate, exacting, loves extremes, combative, reflective.♐ Nov.22 - Dec.21 SAGITTARIUS. Fire element. Happy, absent minded, creative, adventurous.♑ Dec.22 - Jan.19 CAPRICORN. Earth element. Timeless, driven, calculating, ambitious.♒ Jan.20 - Feb.18 AQUARIUS. Air element. Forward thinking, communicative, people oriented, stubborn, generous, and dedicated.♓ Feb.19 - Mar.20 PISCES. Water element. Likeable, energetic, passionate, sensitive.
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