• The Bracelet Zebra Jasper and Grey Lava Rock Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet for Men and Women. This unisex bead bracelet comes with a FREE vial of Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender has anti anxiety and stress relief properties. Put a few drops of essential oil on the Lava Rock beads and the scent will gradually release throughout the day for balancing your Chakra. Wear it to invite HAPPY moods!
  • The Real Healing Crystal Stones Zebra Jasper is beautiful healing stone that promotes positive self image. Grey Lava Stone is a grounding gemstone that can help stabilize emotions and mood. Lavender Oil helps relax those that have anxiety and stress and promotes good sleep. Anti anxiety bracelet for women and men.
  • Beaded Bracelets For Men And Women This Unisex stretch bracelet is designed in Canada and handmade with natural gemstones (8mm each) and hematite spacers. The beads are held together with strong elastic cord for easy wear on and take off. About 6.5 inches inner length and will fit most wrists. The Chakra Energy of this stretch bracelet attracts massive wealth, balances emotions, anti anxiety and ward off negative energy.
  • Best Gift Award  Real Zebra Jasper bracelet and Grey Lava Stone with Lavender Aromatherapy Essential Oil comes in a white velvet bag and a classy explanation card. Give this good luck bracelet to a friend or someone that would like more GOOD in life. Perfect friendship bracelet for close friends. If you have someone whom you are thankful for or know that wants anxiety relief, you can give them this crystal healing bracelet.
  • The Love Promise Healing Trust is committed to providing real and natural gemstone healing crystal bracelets for women and men. The aim is to create beautiful beaded bracelets for women and men to give anxiety relief. Enjoy the Lava rock and zebra jasper crystal bracelet with lavender aromatherapy diffuser essential oils.

  • Have you ever wished to live a happy and uncomplicated life? Want to complete tasks with less stress involved? Easily accomplish goals that were set out each day? This lava rock bracelet with zebra jasper is perfect for easing stress throughout the day. The healing crystal stone paired with lavender aromatherapy essential oil in this design is the ultimate anxiety relief. The lavender essential oil relaxes the mind and eases stress as important decisions are made. Just make sure to put your intention into the Universe when you are wearing this beaded bracelet. This is a unisex bracelet, a great bracelet for men that like simplicity without any flashy designs. Wonderful beaded bracelet for women especially when worn with other aura bracelets. Enjoy. Live Happy. Healing Trust Family.
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