Zodiac Shack for us is so much more than a store or a sales pitch, it means more than a passing fad or even an ancient astronomical guide. Zodiac shack is a place where we can learn to understand the magical properties of our earth given gifts. Metals, plants and minerals can connect us to nature and to our very own energetic flow.

Here at zodiac shack we aspire to be the messenger between you and your personal growth and development. Our products are as important to us as we hope they will be to you. we prioritize your well being and carefully construct each product for your or your loved ones full benefit. Here at zodiac no color, material, shape or stone is out of place or arbitrary, just like you they are all vital and have an irreplaceable role to play.

Our products are packaged, sealed and shipped from the United States of America through usps-first class mail within 3-5 days after their purchase date.



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