•  SET OF 4 MEDITATION CANDLES: Each 5 oz. wellness candle contains aromatic oils and the natural fragrances of lemongrass, verbena, tea tree oil, rosemary and chamomile. This collection is designed as a set of positive energy candles to purify your space and reduce stress. These meditation candles contain healing crystals to promote wellness and encourage harmony in your home, meditation room, or yoga space.
  •  MADE WITH ESSENTIAL OILS: Our handmade candles contain top quality essential oils to provide a long-lasting aromatic fragrance that encourage relaxation and a sense of calm. This set is great to use as aromatherapy candles for anxiety and stress relief. You can also use this set for yoga candles, chakra chakra candles, bath candles, meditation candles, or simply mood-boosting candles to help relieve daily stress and anxiety.
  •  100 % PURE SOY WAX: This set of candles is made from all-natural and organic soy wax. Soy wax is non-toxic and free from petroleum, paraffin and other harmful chemicals. Each candle has a long burn time of 20-30 hours and does not produce any soot residue. Similar to a sage candle, our candles rejuvenate and refresh the air in your home using only high quality, organic ingredients.
  • ENHANCE MEDITATION: With our candles, you can achieve a more concentrated state of meditation by focusing your attention on the flame to help clear your mind and enhance your mindfulness practices. Adding the calming candlelight to your meditation décor will encourage a relaxing and soothing environment that refreshes your mind and your daily routine.
  • BUY NOW RISK FREE - US COMPANY - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We're super confident you'll love all of our Meditation Kandles. However, if for any reason you're not absolutely thrilled, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund - no questions asked! A portion of your purchase helps us support socially conscious causes we care deeply about. Our mission is to provide a risk-free experience.
PURIFY YOUR SPACE Instantly purify your home, meditation room, or yoga studio with this aromatherapy candle set. Our candles with crystals inside make an excellent addition to any room or yoga décor. Similar to a sage candle, the candle with crystals helps to cleanse negative energy from your home and living environments. This creates a more positive environment as your space is refreshed and cleansed. These unique candles create a comforting and calming atmosphere to reduce anxiety and stress, and aid in relaxation. Use as a manifestation candle to set positive intentions and encourage self-love. AROMATHERAPY CANDLES The relaxing candle gift set contains top quality essential oils to help you relax and unwind. It’s perfect for that self-care time and boosts your mood. The aromatherapy scents have been designed to increase focus and clarity during meditative and self-development practices. If you’re looking for relaxation gifts for women, this meditation candle set is hard to beat! WHAT IS CANDLE MEDITATION? Candle meditation is a type of object meditation and is often recommended to beginners because it is easier than traditional meditation methods. Candle meditation involves focusing your attention on a candle for up to ten minutes. Looking at the candle flame has a hypnotic effect. It helps to quiet and soothe the mind, which aids meditation. Candle meditation is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years. It is thought to have all the benefits of regular meditation as well as improving concentration and focus. HOW DO YOU PRACTICE CANDLE MEDITATION? Choose a quiet, darkened room where you will not be disturbed Sit in a comfortable upright posture  Make sure the candle is 19-25 inches away from you  Position the candle in a position that is eye level Focus on the candle flame
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