Yes/No Answers with Tarot Cards, the Master List 

If you’re looking to get a Yes/No/Maybe answer for a particular zodiac sign using your deck of tarot cards, there are two ways to go about it. One is to go by the Yes/No Master List we’re going to share with you here. 

The other way is to analyze the elements of the cards depending on the zodiac sign for which you’re doing your reading, and we’ve covered the elemental approach here (links to Fire/Earth/Water/Air Signs and Elemental Yes/No/Maybe Answers).

If you’re pulling one card only, then the answer is going to be the one associated with the card from this list. If you’re pulling two or three cards, give the “yes” cards in the list the +1 value and the “no” cards in this list the -1 value, and then add them up. Positive results mean a “yes” answer, negative results mean a “no” answer, and a 0 means a “maybe”. With a “yes” and a “no” card you have +1-1 which is 0, so your answer is “maybe”. With two “yes” or two “no” cards, your answer is “yes” or  “no”, respectively. 

Yes/No Master List for tarot cards:

Major Arcana:

The Fool – Yes

The Magician – Yes

The High Priestess – Maybe 

The Empress – Yes

The Emperor – Maybe

The Hierophant – Maybe

The Lovers – Yes

The Chariot – Yes

Strength – Yes

The Hermit – Maybe

The Wheel of Fortune – Yes

Justice – Maybe

The Hanged M

an – Maybe

Death – No

Temperance – Yes

The Devil – No

The Tower – No

The Star – Yes

The Moon – No

The Sun – Yes

Judgment – Yes

The World – Yes

Minor Arcana:

Suit of Wands:

Ace of Wands – Yes

Two of Wands – Yes

Three of Wands – Yes

Four of Wands – Yes

Five of Wands – No

Six of Wands – Yes

Seven of Wands – No

Eight of Wands – Yes

Nine of Wands – Yes

Ten of Wands – No

Page of Wands – Yes

Knight of Wands – Yes

Queen of Wands – Yes

King of Wands – Yes

Suit of Cups:

Ace of Cups – Yes

Two of Cups – Yes

Three of Cups – No

Four of Cups – Maybe

Five of Cups – No

Six of Cups – Yes

Seven of Cups – No

Eight of Cups – Maybe

Nine of Cups – Yes

Ten of Cups – Yes

Page of Cups – Yes

Knight of Cups – Yes

Queen of Cups – Yes

King of Cups – Yes

Suit of Swords:

Ace of Swords – Yes

Two of Swords – Maybe

Three of Swords – No

Four of Swords – Maybe

Five of Swords – No

Six of Swords – Yes

Seven of Swords – No

Eight of Swords – No

Nine of Swords – No

Ten of Swords – No

Page of Swords – Yes

Knight of Swords – Yes

Queen of Swords – Yes

King of Swords – Yes

Suit of Pentacles/Coins:

Ace of Pentacles/Coins – Yes

Two of Pentacles/Coins – Maybe

Three of Pentacles/Coins – Yes

Four of Pentacles/Coins – No

Five of Pentacles/Coins – No

Six of Pentacles/Coins – Yes

Seven of Pentacles/Coins – Maybe

Eight of Pentacles/Coins – Yes

Nine of Pentacles/Coins – Yes

Ten of Pentacles/Coins – Yes

Page of Pentacles/Coins – Yes

Knight of Pentacles/Coins – Yes

Queen of Pentacles/Coins – Yes

King of Pentacles/Coins – Yes

By: L.E. Olteano