The study of the astros, their positions, their movements and their impact on our lives and personalities dates as far back as ancient Mesopotamia with the oldest known birth chart tracing back to the year 409 B.C. and has endured through to the present day. 

It would be hard to find anyone in our modern world that even without believing in astrology would not know their main zodiac sign (sun sign).


Many discredit astrology as a pseudoscience or even an antiquated personality test, yet most of these detractors have no knowledge or even interest in this ancient study.

Taking the fact that they have skimmed over their sun signs descriptions and found they don't fit into that mold as evidence of the shortcomings of the entire subject. 

However even the most superficial glance at how astrology works for each individual will show that we are an incredible mixture of many signs, that where the sign falls in our chart makes each placement as unique as the individual themselves.

In this article we will explore three of the most important placements in our intro to astrology.

The sun sign or placement, The moon sign , and the rising or ascendant sign.

We will briefly uncover for our readers their meaning and their impact on their traits and personalities. Without further ado, let's dip our toes into the deep and ancient waters of astrology.

The Sun Sign

Our Sun sign represents our core identity, it is the basis of our personality and what drives us in life.

You will know your sun sign by knowing the exact date of your birth.

The sun is the center of our solar system and the center of our personality, without it we would cease to exist.

The sun shines brightly and illuminates everything in its direct sight with its glow, in the same way your sun sign is what gives you life and motivates you.

Your sun sign is the building block of your ego and your will or actions in life, below we will list the most basic identification of your sun sign.

Aries: Direct / Impulsive / Confrontational

Pisces: Creative / Dreamy / Self Sacrificing

Taurus:Logical / Stable / Stubborn

Gemini: Wild / Fickle / Charismatic

Cancer: Sensitive / Loving / Insecure

Leo: Passionate / Vain / Vengeful

Virgo: Smart / Sensible / Cautious

Libra: Ethereal / Kind / indecisive

Scorpio: Brave / Focused / Overprotective

Sagitarius: Cheerful / Funny / Adventurous 

Capricorn: Caring / Strong / Hardworking

Aquarius: Giving / Fun / Irreverent

The Moon Sign 

This celestial orb can only be seen in the darkness of night, it represents what lies in the shadow of our being.

We can tell our moon sign by knowing your full birth date and the time or timezone in which you were born.

What lies behind the mask we so carefully construct as our appearance, our inner thoughts and our emotions.

If the sun is what we see , the moon is how we feel.

The moon sign encompasses our inner view on our emotions and relationships, it reveals how we react to matters that are felt and not seen.

so , what does it mean to have a particular sign in this placement? 

Look at the short list below for a quick description of moon signs.

Aries: Impatient and Independent

Pisces:  Loving and compassionate

Taurus: Organized and Conservative

Gemini: Charming and Chatty

Cancer: Calm and Peaceful

Leo: Bossy and Idealistic

Virgo: Ambitious and Dedicated

Libra:  Fair and Flirty

Scorpio: Faithful and Individual

Aquarius:  Jealous and attentive

Sagittarius: Helpful and Pleasant

Capricorn: Sensitive and Bold

Last but definitely not least we will take a peek at the meaning of our Rising sign, also known as our ascendant sign.

This is the sign positioned on the eastern horizon at the moment of our birth, and it changes every two hours each day.

In order to truly know your ascendant sign you must know the full date of birth, the exact time of birth and the place of birth.

It is the mask we wear to the outside world and the very first characteristics people notice when meeting you.

Your rising sign represents your outward personality and style, it is the ruler of first impressions.

Below are some words that describe the traits of your rising sign.

Aries: Action-oriented, straightforward

Pisces: Whimsical / Compassionate

Taurus: Slow / Reserved

Gemini: Curious / Sociable

Cancer: Watchful / Sensitive

Leo: Confident / Cheerful

Virgo: Conscientious / Self-critical

Libra: Agreeable / Charming

Scorpio: Polarizing / Magnetic

Aquarius: Creative / Surprising

Sagittarius: Animated / Bubbly

Capricorn: Motivated / Mature

There are signs that factor in with each of the celestial bodies in our solar system, find out more about yourself by figuring out where the rest of the planets were at your moment of birth.

In future articles we will cover the rest of the planets and well as the 12 houses in your chart and what they mean.


By: Vianey