How do you know when the astrological sign of Virgo shows up in your reading? In this post, you'll find out what Major Arcana tarot cards are associated with Virgo. Then you’ll easily spot this sign’s energy in your spread.

I propose two cards that point out Virgo’s energy in a reading: the traditional one and a personal alternative of mine.

Traditional Major Arcana tarot card association for Virgo

The Hermit

The Hermit card speaks about depth, analysis, processing feelings and events carefully before having a reaction. It speaks about the quest for wisdom.

Virgo, the second mutable sign of the zodiac, is famous for its careful analysis of things. Similarly to the Hermit, Virgo gives things the due consideration before making decisions.

They are both voracious minds and hearts. Both are driven to know the deepest details of the world around. As a result, Virgo and the Hermit are much alike.

Virgo is a sign of careful consideration and analysis, both of self and of anything else. It’s also focused on processing its inner workings dutifully before having a reaction, just like the Hermit.

When things get too hectic or overwhelming, both the Hermit and Virgo tend to fall back within themselves. They digest things for a while. To the untrained eye, that might come across as being emotionally distant or detached.

If someone needs advice or you need to get someone’s realistic point of view on things, then Virgo and the Hermit are where you want to go. Excellent listeners and fair advisers, they take in all the information. And then, they come back with ideas which are balanced and carefully thought out.

Being overly analytical might be a shadow side of both Virgo and the Hermit. But it’s simply one facet of many which make up the traits of the sign and of the card.

Alternative Major Arcana tarot card association for Virgo


I personally see a lot of Virgo in the Judgment card. Judgment speaks about the natural and fair consequences of a series of events.

 It’s an outcome-focused type of card which also speaks about the balance between the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, and between the mind and the heart. I see a lot of Virgo’s detail-oriented and fair take on things in this card for this reason.

Judgment also speaks about a sense of incoming finality, a natural progression of things. Virgo’s energy comes across that way to me, particularly when involved in a series of events. It’s that level-headed energy of drawing conclusions and learning from what’s happened.


You might not agree that there’s a lot of Virgo energy in the Judgment card. But even so, when you’ll see the Hermit in your reading, you’ll know for sure that you have Virgo in the mix.


By: Vanja