One of many connections between astrology and tarot is that each planet has correspondences with a number of tarot cards.

Venus is the planet of comfort, luxury, harmony, beauty, and connections. Its motto is “I love”.

Venus is the ruler of Libra and Taurus and of the 2nd house. The Major Arcana card directly associated with Venus is The Empress. As ruler of Taurus and Libra, the other two Major Arcana cards associated with Venus are The Hierophant and Justice.

The Venusian aspect of The Empress talks about the joys of comfort and harmony, abundance, and Divine Feminine energy.

The Venusian aspect of The Hierophant talks about harmonious official connections, ties, and partnerships.

The Venusian aspect of Justice talks about the beauty achieved through the harmony and balance of fairness.

Let’s take a look at what Minor Arcana cards are connected to Venus.

The Venusian aspect of Four of Wands (Venus in Aries) talks about the beauty and harmony of a stable foundation in someone’s life.

The Venusian aspect of Two of Cups (Venus in Cancer) talks about the harmony and beauty of an emotional partnership or bond.

The Venusian aspect of Seven of Cups (Venus in Scorpio) talks about having the luxury of multiple options within reach to achieve a sense of harmony, balance, and pleasurable life.

The Venusian aspect of Five of Swords (Venus in Aquarius) talks about the sense of balance and relief gained from resolving tense or conflict-laden situations.

The Venusian aspect of Nine of Pentacles (Venus in Virgo) talks about the beauty of a luxurious and abundant life. 

As ruler of Taurus and Libra, there are a few other Minor Arcana cards that Venus is connected to.

The Venusian aspect of Five of Pentacles (Mercury in Taurus) talks about learning to let go of things in a gracious and balanced manner.