If you look carefully at an astrological chart then you can notice that the wheel or circle of a chart is split into 12 slices which are called houses. For each house there’s a distinct meaning and it’s associated with a sign and ruling planet. Each house is also associated with particular tarot cards. 

Since we’ve covered a simplified guide to the 12 astrological houses here (

https://zodiacshack.com/blogs/guide/short-guide-to-the-twelve-astrological-houses.), we are now going to look into what tarot cards are associated with each one of the 12 houses, at their general meaning, and at how that meaning can play out in the context of each one of the houses. 

The Third House is also called the House of Sharing or Exchanges. This house is associated with the sign of Gemini and the ruling planet is Mercury. The Major Arcana cards that are associated with the Third House are The Lovers and The Magician, a card which is also ruled by Mercury. 

When it comes to these two Major Arcana, there’s a strong energy of manifestation and persuasion, which are exchanges at their core. When it comes to their shadow side, there’s a potential of becoming overly focused on the results of the exchanges rather than the nature of the process, which may result in manipulation. Another shadow aspect in this area is that of entitlement and inability to share and grow, on a spiritual, emotional or even physical level. 

The Minor Arcana tarot cards associated with the Third House are: Ace of Swords, Eight of Swords, Nine of Swords, Ten of Swords, King of Swords, and potentially any of the Kings, since they are the Air element of their respective Courts. 

When it comes to this segment of the Suit of Swords, there’s a lot of analyzing and mental processes going on as precursors to materializing those thoughts. That’s why it’s so important not to allow negative thoughts to go round and round in one’s mind, because this is a powerful House when it comes to manifestation. One shadow aspect is that of manifesting the worst fears and recurrent nightmares by focusing on the negative aspects rather than the positive ones in any type of exchange. There’s also a potential shadow of losing one’s way on a path of growth and development due to doubts and fears derailing the whole process.

You can now pick up on the Third House energy when it comes up in a tarot reading because you know what tarot cards it’s associated with.