When you look at an astrological chart you can see that the chart is divided into 12 sections which are called “houses”. For each house there’s a distinct meaning and it’s associated with a particular ruling planet, sign, and particular tarot cards. 

You’ve already seen a simplified guide to the 12 astrological houses here, https://zodiacshack.com/blogs/guide/short-guide-to-the-twelve-astrological-houses ). Now we’re going to take a look at what tarot cards correspond to each house and their general meaning or how that can play out in the context of the house in discussion. 

The Second House is also called the House of Value. This house is associated with the sign of Taurus and the ruling planet Venus. The Major Arcana cards associated with the Second House are The Hierophant, but due to the Venus ruler also The Empress card. 

The Hierophant and The Empress cards talk about status, wealth, possessions, but also valuable things of the spirit, of the heart, and of the mind. In their shadow side, they can talk about too great an importance given to things like status, wealth, and possessions, risking becoming somewhat materialistic or being perceived as such. Another shadow aspect of these cards is that of indulging the senses too much by putting too much value in one’s own sense of pleasure.

The Minor Arcana tarot cards associated with the Second House are: Ace of Pentacles/Coins, Five of Pentacles/Coins, Six of Pentacles/Coins, Seven of Pentacles/Coins, Knight of Pentacles/Coins, and potentially any of the Pages, since they are the Earth element of their respective Courts. 

In this section of the Suit of Pentacles/Coins, we’re focusing on the aspect of stability, seeking abundance, growth, equal give and take and participation, focusing into working on crops in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor, moving slow and steady in order to achieve as much as possible and taking that first step towards something. The shadow side of this area of the Suit is a fear of going without resources or of lacking means, resources, goods, possessions, so much so that one could focus entirely on this aspect and become consumed with it or greedy and obsessive. Another shadow aspect to consider here is that of moving way too slowly out of the fear of losing resources or not being able to make the most of opportunities, and losing out precisely by moving too slow to make it matter.

Now that you know what cards are associated with the Second House, you’re able to pick up on its energy when it comes up in a tarot reading.