There are many connections between astrology and tarot. One of them is the fact that each planet which plays a significant role in an astrological chart is associated with a number of tarot cards.

The Moon stands for one’s intuitive, psychic, and emotional side. It’s associated with feelings, empathy, the unconsciousness, cycles and phases, fertility, and the Divine Feminine energy. It’s also associated with family life, motherly love and creation, creativity, children, and childhood phases – also inner child issues and past lives. The motto of the Moon is “I feel”.

The Moon is the ruler of the 4th house and the sign of Cancer.

The Major Arcana cards it’s associated with are The High Priestess and The Chariot. 

The High Priestess talks about the lunar aspect of being in touch with one’s higher self through spiritual and psychic insight and looking deeply into the unconscious mind. 

The Chariot talks about the lunar aspect of balancing the conscious and the unconscious, the rational and the emotional, the light and the shadow in order to make progress from one situation to the next, from one phase to the next, and from one lifetime to the next.

As far as the Minor Arcana cards are concerned, the Moon is present in a few cards. 

The lunar aspect of the Nine of Wands (Moon in Sagittarius) talks about phases and events from the past weighing heavy on someone’s mind as they persevere in the present. It can also refer to the lunar aspect of the past being present in the now in the form of trauma. 

The lunar aspect of the Four of Cups (Moon in Cancer) talks about one’s inability or unwillingness to process or receive on an emotional level, due to whatever reason (including that of needing to heal or process past events, for instance). 

The lunar aspect of the Two of Swords (Moon in Libra) talks about trying to weigh different options, ideas, plans, desires even, but somehow struggling to gain a clear perspective or enough insight into those things to make a final decision. 

The lunar aspect of the Seven of Swords (Moon in Aquarius) talks about one’s attempts at coming up with a creative or ingenious solution or strategy in order to deal with a situation, which may at times involve focusing on one’s self potentially to the detriment of others. 

As ruler of Cancer, the Moon is also associated with the cards that are connected to Cancer. 

The lunar aspect of the Two of Cups (Venus in Cancer) talks about emotional availability and openness to connect and thrive within an emotional partnership, soul bond or contract.

The lunar aspect of the Three of Cups (Mercury in Cancer) talks about the ability to celebrate along with family and friends or be part of a tight knit community and being there for every member of that community, family or soul tribe.  

The lunar aspect of the Queen of Cups talks about fertility, motherly love and nurturing, and one’s ability to open up emotionally and give of themselves in a selfless and unconditional manner.

The Moon is also present in the shadow side of all cards, revealing that which is hidden, unknown, subconscious, or repressed.