In our third and final piece of The Fools Journey we will discuss the last 8 cards of the Major Arcana, their meaning and possible significance in a reading. The fools Journey like all of ours must come to an end eventually, but not before he has learned the lessons the universe has in store. Find out what the cards truly mean for yourself or use this as a guide for your own future in Tarot.

Our 14th stop through the Major Arcana is Temperance; it is the epitome of equilibrium , compromise and moderation. It may represent a temporary pause or halt or even a time of healing after the death and rebirth of the last card. Here the fool has found peace or inner calm, he has become balanced in thought and relationships. Represented by a winged angel, normally a hermaphrodite a child of Aphrodite and Hermes, Temperance represents total equality between the sexes and thus complete balance. Holding the cup of the conscious and the cup of the subconscious as well as having one foot firmly on land and the other in water, signifies the solidity as well as the testing of new waters, situations and ideas.

The second most feared card by most and The Fools 15th stop in the major arcana is The DevilContrary to popular belief this card does not denote any witchcraft or malignant forces, in fact the satyr holds his prisoners' chains loosely so they with their untied hands are able to break free at any moment. Representing the idea of free will and the situations we willingly enslave or trap ourselves into or ones where we have put the blame or responsibility unto someone or something else i.e. a scapegoat. The Devil card has to do with all addictions, fights ,conflicts ,illness and the feeling of misfortune and advises that we look into our self and take responsibility to break free. He may represent a twisted bond, lust, greed or materialism as well as the feeling of despair and hopelessness.

The Tower is the 16th step towards completion in the Tarot, with this step the Fool has released himself from the devils chains in a sudden and irreversible act. The unsteady structure he had built is now crumbling around due to a monumental shock or strike. Here everything will be destroyed in order to rebuild with stronger support. The Tower advises we tear down our false premises and accept the lightning strike of truth to see through the darkness and destruction around us. Everything must be destroyed in order to rebuild on sturdy grounds.

The Star is the 17th card in the Fool’s Journey, the destruction of the tower has left him bare and vulnerable , but it is now that he can finally see the stars above him. Usually represented by a naked woman pouring water from the vessels in her arms, she replenishes the cycle of life after an emergence from difficult periods or circumstances. She teaches the fool to once again believe not only in himself and his intuition but in the gifts and blessings the universe has to offer. In any given situation The Star shows us a favorable outcome, blessings and positive change and open communication, she advises to look past the darkness that surrounds you and see the beauty and brightness the universe will provide.

As the 18th stop in the major arcana, The Moon is a tricky celestial body, she may guide us through with a clear light or she may disappear with the phases. She is the representation of our subconscious and its reflection on our perception of a situation or person. We must look inside and at our surroundings to avoid being blinded by her momentary promise of beauty and safety. Here intuition must take power from truth and from solid proof as opposed to illusion and promises. The Moon indicates false promises, false hope or dreams that may never become true. Take hold of your imagination and your perception of any situation and take a solid step toward a new reality.

A new day has dawned for our Fool, after seeing through the moon's false or reflected light we bask in The Sun's warmth and light. Here the wall we built brick by brick is being sealed into place by The Sun's rays, representing the conscious action and the subconscious thoughts. All is positive after the darkness and we begin anew, moving forward and positively in all matters under The Sun.

Judgement is the second to last card of the major arcana, represented by the number 20. It is a time to make decisions to stand for what we believe in, be true to ourselves and to fulfill our full potential. Here The Fool reaches the end of his journey, he welcomes divine judgement and faces archangel Gabriel's trumpets with open arms and heart. It is a card of acceptance and forgiveness of oneself and others. Judgment advises us to reconcile with and release our past for the next phase of our life to begin. This card signifies a positive end to challenges or suffering, a reconciliation or compromise and if it is drawn in concern of any legal matters or battles the outcome will be a favorable one as well. It recommends we use discretion and stay within the rules to fulfill our goals, as well as to take a step back and see a problem or situation from every angle before emitting judgement.

The Fools final stop to completion of the body and soul is represented by The World. We have come to the successful completion of a project, relationship or phase in our life. Our efforts have been fruitful and our future is brimming with prosperity and joy. Here we are at one with ourselves and others, we have been able to understand our karmic challenges and grow from them. We have evolved to a higher sense of being and The World and our worldly problems are now at our feet. We are able to look back with knowledge and understanding and observe the situation from above without ego or resentment. This card is the reassurance of love, stability and support.


We hope you have enjoyed this quick trip through the Major Arcana and that we have through our rudimentary description of its 22 cards provided a sense of their meaning and significance. Join us in future blogs where we will dive into every major arcana's meaning in connection to love, money, health and what it means when the cards represent a sign or person or when thy are drawn in reverse.


By: Vianey