The Tarot has been used since the 15th century but only the initiated in the art of Tarot  or the very curious are aware of the story within it.

 Mysticism , Metaphors  and Numerology intertwine to deliver us what we call “The Fool’s Journey” through the Major Arcana. This first part will focus on the first 7 cards of the major arcana, their symbolism and their meanings.

The Fool represented by the number 0 is the poster child for the human soul at its most free and innocent, full of joy , curiosity ,naivety and wonder. 

A moment of infinite possibilities and uncalculated potential in the first step The fool takes that leap of faith into the unknown and delights in its chaos.

The Magician is represented most adequately by the number 1. Known as the start or the beginning of any journey. The fool comes across the powerful magician , learns the true nature of his inner power, is aware of the tools at his disposal , sparks his fire and consciously goes into action.

The high priestess is represented by the number two. The mystery in life encompasses our fool.The yin and yang of the universe stands before the fool forcing him to come to terms with reality. In this time our fool doubts for the first time, there is hesitation , but the guiding love of the high priestess takes him through the shadows that would otherwise engulf him. It is here when the fool finally chooses who he is and what he wishes to be.She is usually painted between two pillars, symbolizing the duality of life and our choices.

The Empress is our third stop in the tarot, she represents the mother, caring , giving, intuitive. This is known as a YES card in the Tarot. Offering encouragement and discernment in the most trying or confusing circumstances.she embodies creation and fertility, usually drawn pregnant,  she represents the germination of an idea or situation before it comes to life and the need to be receptive to change, so we may be born anew.

The Emperor is the all encompassing father figure. Protective, Authoritative, Direct, Stable and Relentless. The emperor is related to law and order, to the way things are done in the outside world. Now born and in action this card pushes us to have a clear goal and reach it through persistence and the power of  action. He represents someone that has control of himself and his material surroundings, someone rational. Its the time to take action and move forward with strength and determination.

The Hierophant is our fifth stop along the Arcana and represents the teacher or mentor, established doctrine and the seeking of wise counsel in a situation.

When this card pops up for us it can signify a union or marriage as well as a new opportunity to learn or be taught by a supervisor. He represents the old established way of doing things.

Our sixth step in The Fool's journey is his encounter with The Lovers. This card represents our encounter with partnerships, pacts and unions. It also symbolizes love, sexual and sensual desire  and integration to others. Depicted by two lovers, usually Adam and Eve, being looked down upon by an angel. This card most likely signifies a crossroad or a choice to be made, one that cannot be affected by fear or guilt. It may also predict a new love or union.

In our next 2 blogs we will explore the second part  and third parts of the major arcana and their significance and symbolism during a reading.


By: Vianey