In the second part of our Fools Journey we will continue his path through the major arcana and discuss the meaning and symbolism of these in general and what they may mean in a given reading or spread. 


The Chariot:

The seventh encounter in the Major Arcana is the chariot, The Lovers have taught The Fool how to take decisions based on his values , now the chariot will lead him into action. This card represents discernment, self control, and will power. The chariot steers us forward to victory and travel and signifies the completion of a task or the achievement of a goal.


Next our Fool is faced with The Strength card, represented by a woman without fear taming a wild beast. This card usually signifies inner strength overcoming your obstacles with soft power through diplomacy, tolerance, resilience and patience in a situation.

The Hermit:

The Hermit is our 9th stop in the major arcana and it portrays an elderly mentor that shows our Fool the light in the darkness, he invites us to look within and ask the “why” of your situation. Find the truth inside yourself and explore your soul or psyche to process the obstacles or questions before you.

The Wheel:

The Wheel rolls towards The Fool in its never ending cycle, representing action in motion and the harmony in life, what goes up must come down, it reminds us that everything is temporary and everything must change. The wheel can signify a twist of fate, a turning point and even the realization of a certain situation.


The Fools eleventh stop on the path of tarot, she is the symbol of cause and effect or karma. Depicted most often holding the "sword of truth" and the "scales of justice." She symbolizes the weighing or the combining of two people, places or ideas, true impartiality in the face of any situation and legal matters. She advises us to look at our current situation and realize how our own actions may have taken us to that point. 

The Hanged Man:

The twelfth encounter of our Fool is The Hanged Man, he is the symbol of a trial or tribulation, a period of being stuck in a given situation, if he is face up the pause is chosen , if he is upside down it was forced upon us. We are advised to see things from a new perspective , to be humbled and let go of the illusion of control and signifies the death of the ego. He may also represent the need for selflessness or personal sacrifice.


With the Death card The Fool will experience a break from the Hanged Man's rope, a clean cut from what was, an ending with out return. Our Fool is experiencing the final chapter of a cycle or situation, the elimination of old patterns and even closure. This card is often feared, but will rarely represent an actual death omen, on the contrary death shows us that everything must come to an end in order for something new to begin.


 In our third and final run through the major arcana we will cover numbers 14 through 21 in The Fools journey, completing the cycle of life and tarot. 

By: Vianey