Studying an astrological chart, you’d see that the wheel or circle of the chart is divided into 12 houses, which are sections of the circle that cover a distinct area of life. Each such house is associated with a ruling zodiac sign and planet, and also with particular tarot cards. 

We did cover a simplified guide to the 12 astrological houses here(, and now we’re going to look into which tarot cards are associated with the Fifth House and their general meaning or how that can play out in the context of that house. 

The Fifth House is also called the House of Pleasure. It’s associated with the sign of Leo and is ruled by the Sun. The Major Arcana cards that are associated with the Fifth House are Strength, and due to the Sun ruler, also The Sun card. 

The Strength and the Sun cards speak about things that bring one joy, like children, games, entertainment, creative expression, romance. In their shadow side, these cards can speak about putting too much of an emphasis on how much pleasure and joy something brings rather than its importance in and of itself. Another shadowy aspect that can come through here is a perpetual quest for pleasure and joy while always feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled.  

The Minor Arcana tarot cards associated with the Fifth House are: Ace of Wands, Five of Wands, Six of Wands, Seven of Wands, Knight of Wands, and potentially any of the Knights, since they are the Fire element of their respective Courts. 

In this section of the Suit of Wands, inspiration and ideas can transform into intense activity, and with perseverance they can turn into resonating successes. But the more shadowy side speaks about persevering in a pursuit that one might be conflicted about and that could lead to no concrete results other than a perpetual process of trying. There’s also the possibility of the shadow aspect of chasing an idea or desire that once attained proves to be unsatisfying. There is value in how one goes through the quest, and not just in the prize itself that’s at the end of it. 

Now that you know what cards can be associated with the Fifth house, you’ll be able to pick up on its energy in your tarot readings.