By studying an astrological chart you can see that the wheel or circle of the chart is divided into 12 houses, of which each covers a distinct sector of one’s life and is associated with a particular ruling sign, planet, and particular tarot cards. 

We already covered a simplified guide to the 12 astrological houses here ( At this point, we’ll take a look into what tarot cards are associated with the Eleventh House and their general meaning or how it can play out in the context of this house. 

The Eleventh House is also called the House of Blessings and is associated with the sign of Aquarius and the ruling planet Uranus. The Major Arcana cards that are associated with the Eleventh House are The Star and – due to the Uranus ruler – also The Fool card. 

The Star and The Fool cards talk about one’s role in the grander scheme of things, whether that means charity work, roles played in groups, institutions, congregations, society by and large. The more shadowy side talks about venturing or jumping in head-first without truly considering the consequences of those actions on one’s roles and networking opportunities. There can also be a disregard of communities and networks when one makes decisions or acts on decisions made, which is another shadowy aspect of these cards.  

The Minor Arcana tarot cards associated with the Eleventh House are: Ace of Swords, Five of Swords, Six of Swords, Seven of Swords, Knight of Swords, and potentially any of the Kings, since they are the Air element of their respective Courts. 

When it comes to this area of the Suit of Swords, we’re dealing with higher mental processes that involve one’s role in groups and societies and the results of actions related to the greater good or the good of others. This is where we encounter things like charity work and the rewards of that, as well as the rewards of someone’s large-scale actions, by and large. The more shadowy aspects could involve someone having a disregard for the greater good or the good of others when acting and expecting rewards, or someone acting purely out of a desire to gain such public accolades for their efforts and gaining and exalted status among their peers. Another shadowy aspect might be someone’s true colors being very different to their public persona of a selfless or altruistic person.

Now that you know what tarot cards are associated with the Eleventh House, you can pick up on its energy when it shows up in your readings.