If you take a close look at an astrological chart you’ll see that the wheel or circle of the chart is divided into 12 sections or houses, and each one covers a specific area of one’s life. Each house is associated with a particular ruling sign and planet, and as a result it’s going to be associated with particular tarot cards too. 

We have covered a simplified guide to the 12 astrological houses here (https://zodiacshack.com/blogs/guide/short-guide-to-the-twelve-astrological-houses). Now we’re going to look into what tarot cards are associated with the Eighth house as well as their general meaning and how that can play out in the context of this house. 

The Eighth House is also called the House of Transformation. It’s associated with the sign of Scorpio and the ruling planet Pluto. The Major Arcana cards that are associated with the Eighth House are Death, and due to the Pluto ruler, also The Judgment card. 

While the names might sound scary, these Major Arcana cards talk about transformative processes, changes, adjustments, evaluations and recalibration, karma, sexuality and cycles of life/death. In their more shadowy side, they can talk about such transformative processes going on in one’s life without them wanting or enjoying that, including aspects that involve karmic debts or rewards which catch someone off guard. There’s also an element of these aspects getting out of hand or running amok in someone’s life.

The Minor Arcana tarot cards associated with the Eighth House are: Ace of Cups, Five of Cups, Six of Cups, Seven of Cups, Knight of Cups, and potentially any of the Queens, since they are the Water element of their respective Courts. 

In this area of the Court of Cups there’s a lot of emotional potential which can be fructified, but also elements of the past including memories and past lives, melancholy, and potentially reacting very intuitively to someone else’s emotions. The more shadowy aspects revolve around glorifying the past or getting stuck in it and becoming unable to let go. There’s a potential element of manipulation as a coping mechanism to all the changes going on in someone’s life or as trauma response. All of that emotional potential might be misused or absent from specific interactions, including sexuality. Karma can be a significant element here, both in a positive and in a negative way. 

Keeping these aspects in mind, now you can pick up on the Eighth House energy when it comes up in a reading