If you’re a tarot reader or a querent (some who’s getting a reading), it’s important you know when Taurus is making an appearance in your reading.

When it comes to Major Arcana tarot cards associated with Taurus, there’s a traditional perspective on things, and a more personal view. I propose the more personal perspective based on main traits of Taurus as an astrological sign.

Traditional Major Arcana tarot card association for Taurus

The Hierophant

The first one of the fixed signs, Taurus is all about structure, stability, and security. The Major Arcana card it’s traditionally associated with is The Hierophant. The Hierophant speaks about the structured, solid, conservative, rules-oriented side of life.

The Hierophant is an imposing figure of authority. He comes in to keep things solid and running by following rules and regulation. Just like Taurus, he likes to walk within the drawn lines of society, morality, and spirituality. The Hierophant has a deeply rooted respect for tradition and history. And just like Taurus, he looks towards the past with affection and reverence.

But people may accuse The Hierophant of being too much of a stickler for rules. He may come across as way too obstinate about keeping things as they are, similarly to Taurus maybe. The affection and reverence for history may come across as unwillingness to step into the future.

But that’s a superficial take on The Hierophant and Taurus alike. Such aspects are part of the shadow side of the card and of Taurus, true. But that doesn't define them.

Alternative Major Arcana tarot card association for Taurus

The Empress

I personally see Taurus in The Empress card a lot. It's an astrological sign ruled by Venus, the planet of the senses, pleasure, love, affection, and abundance. Taurus is a powerful representation of the Divine Feminine principle (not to be confused with the female gender). The Empress is a facet of that Divine Feminine principle.

Much like Taurus, The Empress loves the finer things in life. She enjoys comfort, abundance, and loves love and affection. It's a zodiac sign which experiences the world through its senses.

Taurus is also represented by the patiently giving and loving nature of The Empress. A natural caretaker and nurturer, The Empress encourages and supports everything she loves so it may grow and flourish. Taurus tends to do the same as a sign of affection.

In its shadow side, The Empress may be accused of being too focused on the pleasures of the senses, on the comfort and finer things in life, exactly like Taurus. While these aspects are present in the card and in the sign itself, they are the shadow side -  merely one of many aspects involved in the bigger picture.


When you see The Hierophant or The Empress in your spread, it’s very likely that there’s Taurus energy there.

By: Vanja