A significant aspect of an astrological chart is the fact that there are 12 Houses into which the circle or wheel of the chart is divided into. Each segment rules a particular aspect of life and is naturally associated with particular signs or ruling planets, and as a result there’s a natural association to particular tarot cards as well.

In this series, we’re going to look into which cards are associated with which House and take a bit of a closer look at the meaning behind that. You can then use the tarot cards to do readings on specific Houses or pick up on the energy of a particular house that seems to be coming up in readings for your querents.

When you’re doing a Wheel of the Year tarot reading, for instance, you can use the houses to determine what’s going to happen for your querent during the following year in one of the 12 areas of their life. Or you could do a simplified Wheel tarot reading, meaning doing a reading for one or more particular houses. You can use astrological houses even in freestyle readings, where you simply shuffle and see what cards jump out for the querent.

Either way, it’s important to know which cards are associated with which astrological houses, regardless of the type of reading you’re doing. That way, you can pinpoint what messages are coming through for a particular house, or to gain deeper knowledge about subtler messages that depend on the elements present on the table via the cards and the specific features of the house or houses that you’re focusing on. 

The Twelve Houses are:

First House – The House of Self – associated with Aries, ruled by Mars

Second House – The House of Value – associated with Taurus, ruled by Venus

Third House – The House of Sharing – associated with Gemini, ruled by Mercury 

Fourth House – The House of Home and Family – associated with Cancer, ruled by the Moon

Fifth House – The House of Pleasure – associated with Leo, ruled by the Sun

Sixth House – The House of Health – associated with Virgo, ruled by Mercury 

Seventh House – The House of Balance – associated with Libra, ruled by Venus

Eight House – The House of Transformation – associated with Scorpio, ruled by Pluto

Ninth House – The House of Purpose – associated with Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter

Tenth House – The House of Enterprise – associated with Capricorn, ruled by Saturn

Eleventh House – The House of Blessings – associated with Aquarius, ruled by Uranus

Twelfth House – The House of Sacrifice – associated with Pisces, ruled by Neptune