Ever wondered how tarot readers know what zodiac signs come up in their readings? Well, we’re going to go through the zodiac signs and the Major Arcana, so you’ll know when your sign comes up in a reading. And we’re starting with Aries.

There are two significant aspects we must keep in mind here: the traditional version of zodiac signs associated to Major Arcana cards, and the more personal view which each reader gains with experience.



How do you know when Scorpio is part of your tarot reading? By knowing what tarot cards are associated to Scorpio, you’ll be able to pinpoint its energy in your readings.

When you think about the Major Arcana tarot cards associated with Scorpio, there are two options to keep in mind: the traditional one, and an alternative I propose based on my perception of Scorpio’s energy.

Traditional Major Arcana tarot card association for Scorpio


Don’t let the title of this card scare you! The Death card seems pretty somber, and the traditional depiction of the Grim Reaper on it doesn’t make it any more cheerful. But much like Scorpio, the core of the matter is way beneath the surface level.

The Death card speaks about profound change, as cycles, stages, situations come to a natural end. It’s a card that speaks about new beginnings, clean slates, and the transformative power of the in-between space. Similarly, Scorpio perceives the depths of people and situations. It brings up sensitive points or topics and stimulates clarity and getting closure, from a practical and pragmatic point of view.

Because of its transitional nature, the Death card involves a lot of emotional depth, reactions, and processing. It’s a card that invites deep work with your emotional energetic body. A fixed water sign, Scorpio is very sharp when it comes to processing murky emotional waters.

In its shadow side, the Death card can mean loss not as a result of a growth process. It can talk about being unable to grow, in fact, being unable to transform and evolve. Similarly, Scorpio’s shadow side speaks about the inability to embrace change and experiencing emotional imbalance. As any shadow aspects, they are only one facet of a much more complex construct.

Alternative Major Arcana tarot card association for Scorpio

The Tower

I see a lot of Scorpio’s transformation energy and provocative (occasionally, also triggering) nature in the Tower card.

The Tower also speaks about the transformative power of major events, divinely guided ones. It’s a card about divine intervention that often scared people at first sight – much like the Death card.

Scorpio can have a very powerful impact of those it meets. It usually leaves people and events transformed. It’s also a very intuitive and psychic sign, very likely to be more in tune with the grander scheme of the universe than other signs, perhaps.

In the Tower, I see Scorpio acting as more of a messenger of change for divinity.


Now that you know what Major Arcana cards can be associated to Scorpio, you can easily pick up on this sign’s energy in your readings.



By: Vanja