One of the many connections between tarot and astrology is the fact that each planet is connected to particular tarot cards.

Neptune is the planet of the collective consciousness, psychic insight and empathy, dreams, astral projections, evolution, ideation, the dissolution of a status quo and quests to uncover universal truths, and potential confusion or vagueness. Its motto is “I dream”.

As the ruler of Pisces, Neptune also rules over the 12th house. It’s directly connected to the Major Arcana card The Hanged Man and via the sign it rules over, Pisces, to The Moon.

The Neptunian aspect of The Hanged Man talks about the quest or ability to shift one’s perception of things, situations, people or connections as a result of some research or based on events and circumstances. Things may seem unclear while the new perspective settles, though. 

The Moon involves the Neptunian aspect of empathy and psychic insight, dream-walking and astral projections, as well as dreams and connection to the higher self and the collective consciousness through spirituality. 

The Minor Arcana tarot cards that Neptune is connected to are the cards that are ties to Pisces, the ruler of which Neptune is. 

The Eight of Cups (Saturn in Pisces) involves the Neptunian aspect of connecting to one’s higher self in order to deeply understand why things happened and how one can grow as a result of moving on. It also involves a sense of spiritual inspiration in moving on from a situation and changing up things to better suit one’s deep sense of self.

The Neptunian aspect of Nine of Cups (Jupiter in Pisces) involves the ability to conceptualize and visualize changes so that things can be improved both in the spiritual and the physical realms.  

The Ten of Cups (Mars in Pisces) talks about the Neptunian aspect of enjoying a deep sense of fulfillment and accomplishment as part of an emotional connection that involves a group, family, or soul tribe.

The Neptunian aspect of the King of Cups is that of having a spiritual and higher vantage point perception and understanding of things, so that one can act based on that in order to create balance and happiness for themselves and everyone else.

While Neptune’s influence is less direct than that of the traditional planets, it plays a very important role in the tarot cards through its impact on key aspects and cards.