How can you tell when Libra is part of your reading? You'll find out what cards are associated to Libra. Today, we’ll look into the Major Arcana cards that are associated to your sign.

You should keep in mind two options for that: the traditional one, and an alternative I propose based on my experience and understanding of Libra’s energy.

Traditional Major Arcana tarot card association for Libra


The Justice card is traditionally represented by someone holding scales and a sword. As a result, the symbol in itself brings to mind Libra - because it's represented by scales as well.

At its core, the Justice card speaks about finding the balance in various situations. Much like Justice, Libra is all about finding or achieving balance, within its life, relationships, and everything else.

Justice speaks about finding the equilibrium within and in all things in life. It’s a card associated with karma and karmic debts or rewards as well. Libra is a sign which often has to do with karma too. If you have planets and placements in Libra, they are significant in your natal chart and destiny because of that.

The sword in the Justice card speaks about cutting to the heart of things. It means seeing through the mist or confusion and knowing the deep truth of things. Libra is very skilled at reading situations and people for what and who they really are. That’s why it’s so adept at diplomacy and interacting in a smooth way.

In its shadow side, the Justice card can speak about a lack of balance or fairness in a situation. Similarly, Libra in its shadow side can come across as manipulative and unfair. The shadow aspects are a natural part of the makeup of both the card and the sign. It’s simply one facet of them though, not the whole picture.

Alternative Major Arcana tarot card association for Libra

The Wheel

I see a lot of Libra’s balancing and cycle-ending energy in the Wheel card.

In its light side, the Wheel speaks about ending major stages and cycles in someone’s life, karmic and of any other nature. Results come in, and they are based on your input. There’s a lot of the fair and balanced energy of Libra in that, for me.

In its shadow side, the Wheel can also point out stuck energy and a lack of balance. Similarly, Libra’s shadow side speaks about not being able to make a move and not achieving balance.

Both the Wheel and Libra speak about learning lessons and seeing results for that.


Now you have two options for pinpointing Libra’s energy in a reading. You’ll know when Libra’s energy is part of your reading or spread.


By: Vanja