Is Leo’s energy showing up in your spread or reading? Find out by learning what Major Arcana tarot cards can be associated with the astrological sign of Leo.

I’m sharing with you two card association options: the traditional one, and a personal alternative based on my personal take on Leo and tarot.

Traditional Major Arcana tarot card association for Leo


The leonine wild beauty of the Strength card talks about taming the wild nature within. Leo, a solar, bright, and fiery sign, can get pretty wild when provoked or challenged. Yet, as a fixed sign, it does its best to tame that wild side. It relies instead on its excellent social skills.

The Strength card is a card of vigor, vitality, mental, emotional, and physical fortitude and health. Just like Leo, a zodiac sign which shines brightly when at its best. Leos are incredibly strong and resilient people. They present that power and grace that the Strength card depicts.

The Strength card also speaks about brilliance and social skills. Similarly, Leo has an innate ability to shine in a crowd. It can easily assert itself as a leader.

Leo is a zodiac sign that speaks about splendor, Divine Masculine energy (not to be confused with the male gender), and fiery passion. The Strength card presents us a lion being tamed by a feminine figure. It's a parallel, perhaps, to the Divine Feminine taming the Divine Masculine’s more fiery energy. The beauty of the interaction, the grace, the splendor of the human and animal forms, and the beauty of their interaction bring to mind the Leo sign.

The wilder side of the Strength card, the beast within, is similar to the shadow side of Leos. When provoked, they can get pretty explosive, solar flare level even. Also in its shadow side, the Strength card can speak about a lack of empathy. With everything going in within, there might be little focus left for the surroundings.

Similarly, Leo can come across as selfish at times, simply because it’s focusing on its inner issues and has little resources right then for the rest of the world.

Alternative Major Arcana tarot card association for Leo

The Sun

I see a lot of Leo’s brilliant, hot, and leader-like energy in the Sun card. While we can see a lot of all the fire signs in the Sun card, I feel the energy of Leo is most present here.

The strong leadership skills, the solar warmth of its presents, and the fiery fury of its wrath – all of the Sun is Leo, at its finest.


Whether you see Leo in the Sun or not, when the Strength shows up, you have Leo energy in the reading.


By: Vanja