Gemini in the Major Arcana

How do you know when Gemini is showing up in your tarot reading? You’ll find out what Major Arcana tarot cards are associated with the astrological sign of Gemini. As a result, you’ll be able to tell when the Gemini energy makes an appearance in your spread.

As with all tarot cards meanings and associations, there’s a traditional version and a more personal version. The personal alternative I propose comes from experience as a reader, and my own view on the traits of Gemini.

Traditional Major Arcana tarot card association for Gemini

The Lovers

"The Lovers" is a very nuanced and meaningful card. Similarly, Gemini is a very nuanced zodiac sign. Despite the romantic title of the card, it speaks about divinely guided choices and options.

"The Lovers" conveys being at a crossroads and having to choose between different paths. Gemini is also a sign of numerous opportunities and options. These options are usually based on the natural skills of those born under this sign. Gemini always gets multiple options to choose from and various paths to walk on. Just like with The Lovers card, it’s a matter of choosing the direction in which to go.

"The Lovers" also speaks about divine intervention and support. Gemini is a sign which gets quite a lot of divine intervention, thanks to its very spiritual and at times mystic side. Let’s not forget, Gemini is often pretty psychic, too. Spiritual guidance and support is easily within reach.

The shadow side of "The Lovers" can point to indecision between options, though. Gemini can also come across as dual or indecisive. But that’s a shallow understanding of Gemini’s process of decision-making and on "The Lovers" card.

Alternative Major Arcana tarot card association for Gemini

The High Priestess

"The High Priestess" card has a very spiritual and psychic nature. She's traditionally represented as sitting in front of two pillars, the light and the dark. Due to its spiritual, wise, and dual-like nature, I personally see a lot of Gemini in this card.

The High Priestess is all about the subconscious mind. It talks about deeply insightful information coming to the surface from the depths of the mind and soul. To me, Gemini, as the  first of the mutable signs, is deeply linked to that ability to shake things up. It's a sign that brings dormant situations, thoughts or abilities to the surface.

Depending on the nature of the Gemini involved in the reading, I can see them in either one of these two cards. The more  psychic, spiritually ascended side of Gemini comes through strongly in The High Priestess. The more worldly, playful, flirty side of Gemini comes through for me in The Lovers card.


Whether you see Gemini in the traditional card association, The Lovers, or also in my personal alternative, The High Priestess, you’ll now know when Gemini’s energy is present in your spread.

By: Vanja