Traditional Major Arcana tarot card association for Capricorn

The Devil

The Devil is one of those cards that might scare people off through its name and/or traditional depiction. But don’t let the name or the depictions fool you, there’s a lot to learn from The Devil tarot card.

The Devil speaks about ties that bind. In a traditional sense, these ties are choices made. Those ties are not inescapable, but they are rich in lessons. The Devil speaks about karma too.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign, so it’s an initiator of a transition. There are a lot of choices made as a result of this change. As you turn the page, many lessons are learned. Capricorn integrates those lessons into a steady and earthy form.

In its shadow side, the Devil can speak about addiction or the inability to release (karma, habits, people, situations and so on). Capricorn may be reluctant to let go, even when it should, because of its earthy nature. It likes steadiness, conformity up to a point, and stability. These traits may seem somewhat stuffy to some.

But these shadow aspects are simply one facet of many, both of the card, and of the zodiac sign.

Alternative Major Arcana tarot card association for Capricorn

The Hanged Man

I see a lot of Capricorn in the Hanged Man. The Hanged Man speaks about a lack of mobility or change, at one point along the way. It can speak about delays, misunderstandings, issues getting the message across.

Like the Devil, it involves ties that bind. You can get stuck in those ties, or overcome them and excel.

Capricorn is very steady, as any earth sign. It might move so slowly that for some it could seem not to be moving much at all. A natural born leader, Capricorn is not always inclined to explain itself. You either get Capricorn, or you don’t.

Both Capricorn and The Hanged Man speak about consequences of your actions and the path you’ve chosen to walk on. They speak about persevering, even if stuff is slowing you down.


Do you see Capricorn traits in the Hanged Man tarot card? Even if you don’t, when you get the Devil in you reading, you know Capricorn energy is there.


By: Vanja