Traditional Major Arcana tarot card association for Aries

The Emperor

Aries is a sign ruled by vibrant, passionate, action-prone, intense, and decisive Mars. As a result, Aries is traditionally associated with The Emperor tarot card.

The Emperor represents a facet of the Divine Masculine principle (not to be confused with the male gender). It is a figure of authority, a noble (potentially stoic) character, willing to swoop in and save the day. Similar to Aries, The Emperor doesn’t do half measures. He has little patience for minutia. The Emperor has his eye on the big picture and the greater good, the grander scheme of things.

Just like Aries, The Emperor is charismatic, powerful, intense, decisive, swift to act on his decisions – perhaps hastily so, at times. He may be accused of being too focused on his own will to the detriment of other people’s feelings. People often perceive figures of authority that way, but it's not necessarily an accurate point of view. People can often misunderstand The Emperor when they perceive him from afar; it happens to many powerful leaders, after all.

The Emperor can come across as headstrong and rash sometimes, because of his determination and decisiveness. Often, that's also the case when it comes to Aries, which is the first of the cardinal signs. He could come across as controlling because of his willingness to take on issues and solve them. Of course, these are shadow aspects of the card, which can come up every now and then. They are not the defining nature of the card, though - simply a facet of it.

Alternative Major Arcana tarot card association for Aries

The Fool

I often see The Fool as the very inquisitive, curious, and bold inner child aspect of Aries. He is willing to jump in, no second thoughts, no safety net, no guarantees. Similarly, Aries is ready and willing to take the leap when it comes to desires or decisions.

The Fool may be rash at times. But he’s ready to go where his heart and path take him. Just like him, Aries is ready and willing to brace whatever storm might be in store in the future.


Whether you see Aries in The Fool or not, now you’ll know when The Emperor is on the table that Aries is involved in the reading.


By: Vanja