Aquarius and the Major Arcana tarot cards

How do you know when Aquarius is part of your tarot reading? You’ll find out what Major Arcana tarot cards are associated with Aquarius.

You should know the traditional Major Arcana card for Aquarius. But I also propose a personal alternative to it. You can come up with your own alternatives the more experience you have as a reader.


 Traditional Major Arcana tarot card association for Aquarius 

 The Star

The Star is a beacon of hope. Similar to Aquarius, it focuses on the depths of the soul and a connection to divinity. 

The Star speaks about one’s destiny, a higher calling, a divine mission even. Aquarius is the sign of higher dimensional connections and divine intervention. Part of what makes Aquarians tougher to understand for some is the fact that they’re operating on different dimensional levels. It takes an old soul like Aquarius to understand this sign. 

The Star also talks about luck, opportunities coming your way, and chances being given to you. Aquarius gets lucky breaks quite often, on a daily basis. When Aquarians are really focused on something and they want to see it through, the whole universe conspires to help them get there.

In its more shadowy side, the Star could bring a message of aloofness or disconnect from the minutia of day to day life. Similarly, Aquarius could seem to be distant or disengaged when it comes to everyday life; but that’s because in the back of their minds, Aquarians always have deeper questions they’re pondering. 

With their great depth of perception and understanding, Aquarians don’t need to focus on every step of the way in order to get the general picture and where things are going.

 Alternative Major Arcana tarot card association for Aquarius


The Temperance card brings a message of hope, divine guidance, and support. It’s similar to the Star card in the sense that it speaks about higher dimensions manifesting into the 3D. Aquarius is one of the signs with a more spiritual view and understanding of life and the world around. 

Temperance also speaks about two sides coming together: the emotional and the rational, for instance, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies, or even the Above and the Below. It’s a card of connections and interactions. Aquarius acts often as a bridge over such opposite forces.

The more shadowy side of Temperance is a lack of connection or flow between opposing forces. Aquarius can seem somewhat stuck in its views sometimes, but that’s because they base them on core principles and their understanding of the world as they see it.


Now that you know what Major Arcana cards can be associated with Aquarius, you’ll have an easier time figuring out when an Aquarian energy is showing up in your reading.


By: Livia