You've probably heard about the division in elements in the zodiac signs.

But what does it mean to be an air sign or a water sign?

What's the difference between the fire signs and the earth signs, and how does this affect you?

The four elements that make up our world as we know it are intertwined in everything that exists on this earth.

We will take some time in this short article to explain which signs carry what element and how exactly this affects your personality, your actions and your life.

Lets begin with a quick list of all twelve zodiac signs and their respective element as astrology has defined them.

The 12 signs are divided evenly between the four elements; Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

 Air: Gemini/ Libra/ Aquarius

Fire: Aries/ Leo/ Sagittarius

Earth: Taurus/ Virgo/ Capricorn

Water: Pisces/ Cancer/ Scorpio



The three signs belonging to the element of air are; Gemini, Libra and Aquarius (don't let the “Aqua” bit fool you.)

But what exactly does it mean to have air in your chart? 

The air signs like their element are fast paced (quick thinkers) and independent, they care little of what other people think of them and normally live for themselves or their creativity.

Much like air they are able to blow in any direction at the drop of a hat, meaning they are quick to accept new ideas and can change their mind on any subject in an instant.

Some people would call this being indecisive or flighty, but a true air being knows that much like the wind staying in one place or one frame of mind for too long, or when clear evidence to the contrary has been provided makes you stale and lifeless.

Also like the wind our air people's emotions and energy levels are known to pick up and die down with just as much ease.

Meaning they can become absolutely absorbed by a new idea, subject, place or person but can just as easily become bored of it once they feel they have fully grasped it or understood it.

Air signs are known to have many varied interests, hobbies and skills in varying areas of life.

It is not unusual for an air sign to be skilled in odd practices or to possess strange talents.

Air is also the element of the mind and of communication, air signs are usually very gifted in these areas and excel in public speaking, writing, debating , acting and counseling.

However these signs can also be lazy or apathetic and become easily side tracked from their goals.

It's harder for an air sign to see a project through, because just as they get good at something they have found something else that is just as interesting to them.

 The air in their personality infuses them with a love of freedom and independence and a desire to rise high above others.

This could reflect negatively if they let themselves become absorbed by the need to maintain a high end lifestyle at the cost of their ideas or creativity, causing our air signs to feel bored or even depressed.


The element of fire is present in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. 

Much like their element these signs are known to shine brightly, explode and even burn out when not tended to correctly.

Fire signs use force and action to achieve their goals in life, they will spark the flame of innovation, justice and action to their ideals.

Known for their directness, brutal honesty and competitive streak, fire signs can be aggressive when needed without regretting the consequences.

This element provides our fire people with a light that can entrance anyone, they can capture our attention and warm us even in the darkest of times.

Fire signs make incredible entrepreneurs, inventors, sales people, lawyers, and politicians.

A fire sign will fight tirelessly and burn a city to ashes for something they truly believe in, and rise from them like a phoenix with a smile.

Like Fire, these signs are moved by the desire to offer clarity, to embrace with warmth and protect others.

However they sometimes offer this endless compassion to the wrong people, making them angry and giving our fire signs the fury they are generally known for.

A fire can provide food and warmth but it can also burn and scar you for life, it really depends on how you treat it.

The expression don't play with fire carries incredible weight when it comes to these signs, if they feel they are being used or disrespected they will either singe you away or burn you alive.

Fire signs are sometimes guilty of caring too much about their appearance to the outside world.

They may also burn too brightly and make their partners or friends feel as if they are constantly walking in their shadow.

However their element infuses them with incredible energy and power offering endless possibilities for them to shine brighter every day.

If a fire person feels snuffed out due to lack of attention or care, they will lose interest in anyone or anything, even if it was all they cared about before.

Fire people tend to stay in touch with their emotions and usually take decisions on how they feel rather than what they should or should not do in an objective sense.


Earth is the most stable and constant of the four elements, affording its respective signs its stability and strength.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the signs of the zodiac associated with the element of Earth.

Unmovable and decisive ,these signs are known for their iron wills and their incredible stamina.

Bestowed with a by any means necessary gene, Earth people usually win their battles in the end.

Usually lovers of the outdoors, animals and nature, they tend to seek out relaxation and a safe haven.

Rigid to a certain extent, these signs must adapt and become more flexible lest they run the risk of breaking.

Creatures of habit and routine, earth signs can become too stoic and centered in their ways.

There is a thin line between being stubborn or decisive, stable or rigid and these signs must constantly toe it.

Earth signs are usually very adept at physical labor or sports and great with most manual arts.

Normally excelling in architecture, construction, engineering, farming, finances and healthcare.

However being so set in their ways can deprive them of necessary change and excitement.

Their constant self questioning leaves their true potential and creativity blocked and unreleased.

A spontaneous earth sign is a force to be reckoned with and is capable of tearing down the status quo and rebuilding an entirely new world.

Earth people are usually great with money and saving for a rainy day.

Though sometimes to their own detriment they are easily absorbed by the idea of money and amassing material wealth and status.

Our earth people must face the difficult challenge of separating their worth from their pocketbook.

concentrating on their feelings and desires every so often can provide our Earth signs much needed perspective and allow them to connect with people.


Water is the most diverse of the four elements and this reflects directly on the signs it rules.

In astrology the water signs are as follows; Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

As the source of life water is capable of converting the most arid desert into a beautiful oasis.

It can weave its way around any obstacle or cut its path into solid rock.

The epitome of adaptability and change, water can take the shape of whatever it is contained in, but it will run freely and rapidly if given the chance.

Like their element suggests, water signs have the ability to change from hot to cold to just right at will.

A water person is just as likely to embrace you in a warm healing bath as to drown you in a tidal wave or scald you with boiling hot vapor.

Water signs are usually very happy to have a stable resting place as long as there is constant change or adventure.

Like water, a lack of fun, hobbies, work or love can make our water signs stagnant and even toxic.

In these cases our water people will embody their element and when feeling trapped they will “leak out” or escape even through the tiniest of holes.

Water signs are incredible nurturers and are great with kids and animals.

They are naturally empathic and spiritual and possess a gift for healing and a love of the spiritual and the esoteric.

They make amazing homemakers, detectives, psychologists, journalists, and scientists.

True to their element they can become cold when confronted and freeze people out if they feel attacked or uncomfortable.

These signs much like the water that rules them need proper guidance and constant movement to feel satisfied and to reach their full potential.

By: Vianey