Many people go through a long line of spiritual experiences to finally come to a realization that this world is just an illusion and we all are spiritual beings. While others can be enlightened with just one big boom! Yes, it can be a sudden traumatic experience such as an accident or an overnight transformative experience.

Being a vivid researcher of spirituality, I have always been fascinated by the process that everyone goes through during their spiritual journey. This process contains five stages of spiritual awakening that allow you to gain wisdom from the higher source through intense experiences. Let us walk you through them:

Stage#1 - Spiritual High:

The initial stage can be thrilling as you start to realize that the world is an illusion and there is more to life. In this stage, you also start observing people around you and the negative patterns that society teaches us. This stage makes you question everything, for example feeling pressured to choose a specific career just because your parents are telling you to or getting married at a certain age. This exciting stage makes you thrilled by the new information that you keep receiving from the higher source.

Stage #2 – Increased Empathy:

Once the first phase of spiritual high is completed, you enter into a phase full of emotions where you feel heightened empathy for other people and animals. At every stage of your spiritual journey, you shed off your outer layers in the search for your true self.

This intense empathy felt for other people, animals, and birds often leaves you overwhelmed. It also makes you question things that are wrong with the world such as cruelty, killings, manipulation, etc. The reason for this increased empathy is that the spiritual awakening unblocks your heart chakra, making you feel more compassionate towards others. This stage takes some time to get you used to your sensitive side.

Stage #3 – Breaking Ego:

Well, now that you have developed a sense of empathy and compassion through your early spiritual awakening stages, you realize that you were blinded by a stubborn ego before. In many situations, you start choosing to stay silent even after getting triggered by some toxic people. This stage makes you feel like you woke up and you do not belong here.

You finally start noticing toxic people around you and their negative patterns, making you aware of the fact that they are not good for your spiritual journey. Once you start realizing that you have a bigger purpose and you cannot waste your time on this negativity anymore, you automatically find yourself getting apart from the people, whom you once called “friends''.

This stage also brings your shadow self to your awareness and your work hard on yourself to break free from the past traumas and ego.

Stage#4 – Choosing a Spiritual Path:

With time passing by, you face new experiences whether it’s a spiritual dream or signs from the universe. These experiences and inner transformation make you realize that you do not want to be a part of the matrix, the materialistic world.

As your intuition gets stronger with time passing by, you start to observe things according to your true self’s perspective. This makes you realize that you have been wasting your time and effort at a wrong 9 to 5 job. As your awareness increases, you also realize that your soul has a longing to be a part of a bigger purpose. At this stage, many people break free from the 9 to 5 rat race and start working towards their passion.

Stage #5 – Walking your Purpose:

What the world says doesn’t matter to you anymore because you are in sync with the guidance from your higher self, angels, higher power, and spirit guides. Walking your spiritual path does not only give you freedom of mind but keeps you apart from toxicity that was once a major part of you. The journey may be full of challenges but now you know that whatever is happening, it is for your own good.

Final Verdict:

The whole process of spiritual awakening can be tough but the universe sends challenges your way to only make you stronger and prepared for your life purpose. Sometimes, you might get stuck but always remember that nothing is permanent.