5 Spiritual & Practical Tips to Ground Yourself

Every day throughout our busy routines, we experience a lot of emotions and feelings. Every incident takes place to make us learn a lesson. Either you can accept these situations and have faith that the Universe has got your back or you can rebel and react to them. When we try to control different aspects of our lives, we start to feel resentment and anxiety.

To keep our mind, body, and soul balanced, it is important for us to ground ourselves. Let us give you a perfect example of a tree. Every tree has its roots grounded deep into the earth and that is what keeps it in its stable and balanced position. This is how important grounding is for ourselves, especially when we are feeling out of balance.

What is Grounding?

You may have seen psychics, spiritual healers, and meditation facilitators talking about the importance of grounding. Grounding is a powerful technique, which is also called earthing. It is not only good for our spiritual health but also for our physical and emotional health. If you are having issues with either your love life, career, or family relations, this is a clear indication that you may need to find that center in your life. You can achieve that by grounding yourself.

Let’s move forward to know about 5 spiritual ways to ground ourselves:

1) Body Scan:

Throughout our daily busy routines, we get stuck with work and other matters. Our minds either wander in the past or in the future with many thoughts. Constant thinking causes stress and anxiety. Therefore, energy healers and meditation facilitators recommend taking a few minutes out of our busy routines and doing a body scan.

The body scan will help us release tension and stress from multiple areas such as the jaw, shoulders, neck, and forehead. All you need to is sit still in a quiet place and take a few deep breaths. While breathing, start focusing on every part of your body starting from your head and going towards your feet. You will then realize how stiff we keep our bodies because we are not present in the moment.

2) Practice Mindfulness Meditation:

Another way to ground yourself is to practice mindfulness meditation, which is a very simple technique. Through this practice, you cultivate your connection between you and the universe by checking into your senses such as touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. 

Mindfulness meditation also helps you learn about your thoughts by bringing your awareness to them. Whether you are a beginner or a meditation expert, mindfulness should be a part of your daily routine as it has numerous spiritual and physical health benefits according to many scientific studies. Some of which are:

- It reduces stress and enhances positive emotions

- It also helps us feel more connected with other people and our surroundings

- It reduces anxiety and improves our awareness

- It also improves our sleeping and eating patterns

3) Read:

Now grounding yourself does not mean that you necessarily have to sit and meditate all the time. There are other simple ways that you can follow to connect to Mother Earth, one of which is reading. Reading helps you bring your awareness to the present moment. You observe your thoughts and lovingly release them. Just take some time out and sit with yourself and read your favorite book. This will immediately boost your energy and release negative emotions out of your body.

4) Watch Uplifting Content:

Many of us have a misconception that we can only achieve peace by doing spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation all the time. Yes, without any doubt these are the most effective tools but simple ways such as reading and watching uplifting content are also considered to be calming.

Sometimes, we feel like doing something simple while being in our cozy beds. The best way to lift your mood is to watch content that is empowering. That will help you feel grounded in joy and happiness.

5) Grounding Exercises:

We have the best grounding tip saved for the last. Grounding exercises such as yoga, dancing, hiking, running, and so on are the best thing you can do for your spiritual and mental health. Start incorporating any of these grounding exercises into your routine and you will notice a major shift in your life. Going out in nature brings us closer to the Earth and helps us achieve stability in our lives. 

Final Verdict:

Feeling stuck or lost in your life? It is time to start loving yourself by indulging in ways to ground yourself. It is all about taking that first step my friend! Just like our bodies need water, food, and air to survive, our soul needs grounding to connect with the spiritual world.

By: Laraib Talat