Do you often find other people coming to you for advice or to get a perspective? That happens because you can feel and understand other people’s emotions, which helps you to evaluate their situation better and give them a piece of your mind without judgment. Chances are you may have clairsentient abilities!

Now, let’s understand the concept of a clairsentient ability. Clairsentience is the ability to feel and sense other people’s(or place’s) feelings, intentions, and energies. Every human being is unique as we all possesses their own spiritual abilities. Some realize them soon at an early age, while others may find their abilities later in life. Some of the other psychic abilities include clairvoyance (Seeing visions or images), clairaudience (hearing messages), and claircognizance (premonitions). But in this article, we are going to walk you through some major signs that show you are clairsentient:

1) You are Sensitive to the Energies around you:

Clairsentient people like to spend most of their time alone because they are too sensitive to other people’s energies. Imagine how you would feel if you start feeling everyone’s mood and emotions wherever you go. That is how exhausting it can be for a clairsentient person especially when they go to a crowded place.

2) You can feel People’s Pain:

As scary as it sounds, a clairsentient person can literally feel another person’s pain. Does it ever happen to you that you visit someone at the hospital and feel the pain of the other person? Maybe you have a headache all of a sudden and your significant other comes home complaining about a migraine. People with clairsentient abilities, do not only feel emotional energies but also physical pains.

3) You feel Anxious while Watching the News:

If you feel anxious or paranoid by reading or watching the news, it is a clear sign that you have clairsentient abilities. A clairsentient person finds it difficult to read about disasters, diseases, and other terrible new stories. Moreover, when they see a news story on social media such as families who have lost their loved ones due to a destructive incident, they immediately skip it or distract themselves. Just like clairsentient people are sensitive to the energies around them, they also pick up vibes just by reading or watching the news.

4) You have always felt like an Old Soul:

People always come to you for your advice because you seem mature to everyone around you. Growing up, you have always felt reasoned or acted like you were older than your age. That is because you are highly intuitive and you can sense the vibe of the room. Therefore, you know how to behave at different places and what to say to whom.

5) People around you notice that you are too sensitive:

If you’ve always had people told tell you that you are too sensitive or you are empathetic an empathy, this is a clear sign that you are clairsentient. The reason you are overly sensitive is that you become exhausted picking up on everyone’s moods and emotions. That makes you feel drained most of the time. It takes only a few seconds for a clairsentient person to go from happy to anxious or sad.

Final Verdict:

If you have noticed any of the signs we mentioned above, chances are you possess clairsentient abilities. For clairsentient people, it is very important to spend some time alone every day in order to clear the negative energies. Some powerful ways to clear negative energies include “smudging” your home with sage, using energy clearing sounds such as singing bowls or prerecorded audio, and taking showers or baths using salt. We hope this article has helped you know yourself better and discover your very special skill!

 By: Laraib