Gratitude plays a massive role in our lives. Do you ever think of the things that you take for granted? Probably not! If we just sit for a minute and think about the blessings God has given us, we will realize how blessed we are. When we change our mindset, our thoughts influence our actions. That is how we get results in our lives. Having faith in a Higher Power sends a signal to the universe that we are worthy. Furthermore, through gratitude practices, we send positive and loving energy into the universe. As a result, we receive love and abundance in return. Here is how gratitude can transform your life:

1) Gratitude helps us shift our focus:

When we focus on the “what is lacking”, we create negative emotions in every aspect of our lives. According to the universal law of attraction, we attract positive things by being thankful for the blessings we have. Each and everything starts with a thought. When we think and believe that something is going to happen, it will happen whether it be negative or positive.

Our subconscious mind plays a major role in controlling our actions. However, if you have negative blockages and habits, then, you will end up attracting negative things to your life. Understand that we as human beings, are manifesting every second. If you consciously bring your awareness and focus on the positive things through the practice of gratitude, you will eventually train your mind to receive blessings and miracles. Listen to positive affirmations daily to reprogram your mind and shift your focus to the good.

2) Gratitude improves your mental health:

The way we see the world and treat other people depends on the relationship that we have with ourselves. Our brain processes millions of thoughts every day. We are constantly receiving bits of information from our surroundings without even paying attention. As a result, our thought process affects each and every action we take in our lives.

When we have a regular habit of thanking God or a Higher Source for the blessings we have, we train our minds to stay content. Instead of comparing ourselves to other people, we must focus on the things we have such as food, water, a house, our car, and everything else. As human beings, we must realize that we all are different from each other. Each of us has come to this world with a unique purpose. It all starts with bringing your thinking patterns to your awareness. Take a few minutes out of your daily life and have deep breaths. Calm your mind and observe your thoughts!

3) Gratitude improves our Relationships:

Whether we are at home, the office, or at a social gathering, we are always defined by our relationships. It does not only include the relationships we have with the people around us but also with ourselves. Having daily gratitude practices brings a sense of harmony to your relationships. We often focus on expecting more from others rather than giving to others with love. Therefore, we always end up feeling like it's not enough or empty. If you want to strengthen your faith in God and His system i.e. Universe and have peace of mind, practice being grateful.

Final Verdict:

Practicing gratitude can literally transform your life for good. Staying positive about the blessings that we have and feeling grateful attracts more abundance in our lives. So, start saying “Thank you” to the Universe!


By: Laraib Talat