As life moves forward, we meet new people and experience new things. In all these experiences, we create emotional cords to our friends, family, partners and acquaintances. Sometimes, we become attached to a certain person or a situation and therefore, get affected by their negative energy. So, it is important to release from our bodies the energies of people and things that do not serve us. By releasing etheric cords, we let go of those negative energies. In this guide, we are going to tell you more/all about the importance and method of releasing energy cords.

Creating New Space:


We are all light beings. We surround ourselves with energies through interactions, which can affect us in different ways. Whether it is a certain frequency, vibration, or energy, we can literally feel that in our bodies. The lower frequencies are associated with illness, anxiety, anger, and depression. Whereas, the high frequencies can provide you a state of joy, peace and healing.

If you can learn how to release negative energies that are bringing you down, you can change your life for good. Most importantly, we can change our own negative patterns by mastering our thoughts and habits. If you find yourself drained or lacking in energy, follow a cord-cutting practice to remove negative energies. As a result, you will create space for new opportunities.

Human beings have energetic cords that tie them to other human beings or situations. When you are in a relationship with someone, you create a strong bond with them through energetic cords. Therefore, you feel hurt or pain because of that person's actions that do not resonate with you. It is also common to sense an emptiness or a feeling of void with their loss or departure. These negative attachments weigh you down and affect your aura.

Method of Releasing Energy Cords:


Here are the simple meditation steps that you can follow to release negative cords:

  1. Close your eyes and unplug from visual distractions
  2. Inhale through your nose, hold the breath in your belly, and breathe out through your mouth
  3. Just slow down and focus on your breathing
  4. With every breath that you take, relax your body even more
  5. Imagine that you are releasing all the tension of your body
  6. On the next inhale, imagine you are breathing in white light and exhale gray smoke out of your mouth (the gray smoke represents negativity)
  7. Feel your shoulders, neck, spine, legs, and feet relaxing upon every breath
  8. You now feel light as a feather
  9. You feel completely free
  10. Your awareness has become sharper and you can sense things more keenly
  11. Deeper and deeper calm slowly overcomes you
  12. Now imagine that you are in a circle of white light, protected and relaxed
  13. In front of you, there are circles of light with people or situations in them
  14. Just give yourself a few minutes and talk to those people
  15. Realize that all of us are going through our own difficult times. We are here to live our own journey
  16. Now forgive the person you are seeing in the circle, and cut the cord with them
  17. Release all the negative energies that you do not need. Release them with love and forgiveness
  18. Now, take a deep breath, inhaling love into your heart
  19. Feel it. Just smile and remember to let go with your exhale
  20. Open your eyes and say thank you to the Higher Power

By: Laraib