No two celestial bodies are as pivotal to us as the Sun and Moon. 

They orchestrate and control our lives on earth, they are literally present and critical in every part of our lives and routines. These celestial orbs affect not only our schedules, our seasons and harvests but our moods, energy and health.

One of them is a constant means of energy and life giving source while the other is in constant change and evolution. The moon with its many phases lets man kind tell the passage of time with accuracy, and was at one time the regal advert of sow ,harvest and winter. The moon has been scientifically proven to affect the ocean tides and our very emotions as living beings on this earth.

In this article we will give a brief introduction to ancient wisdom and share some titles by which each month's moon has been known through the ages. We will also tell you some fun facts associated with each moon , its designated nature spirits, colors and animals , as well as the most beneficial plants, minerals and scents you should surround yourself with during the specific month or moon cycle. Read on to find out more about the first 6 months moons and favorite or bookmark us for part two, coming soon.


The Wolf Moon/ Quiet Moon/ Snow Moon/ Chaste Moon/ Cold Moon/ Little Winter Moon

Nature Spirits: Gnomes/ Brownies

Herbs: Marjoram/ Holy Thistle/ Nuts & Cones

Colors: Brilliant White/ Blue-Violet/ Black

Flowers: Snowdrop/ Crocus

Scents: Musk/ Mimosa

Stones: Garnet/ Onyx/ Jet/ Chrysoprase

Trees: Birch

Animals: Fox/ Coyote

Birds: Pheasant/ Blue-Jay

Deities: Hera/ Chang-o/ Sarasvati 

Power flow: Sluggish, Below surface change. The conceiving and unseen beginning of new life and new beginnings. Prioritize protection and conserve energy by working on personal problems, getting both body and soul to work as one.


Ice Moon/ Hunger Moon/ Wild Moon/ Quickening Moon/ Cleansing Moon/ Big Winter Moon

/Red Moon

Nature Spirits: House Faeries/ Plant Faeries

Herbs: Hyssop/ Myrth/ Sage/ Spikenard/ Balm of Gilead

Colors: Light-Blue/ Violet

Flowers: Primrose

Scents: Wisteria/ Heliotrope

Stones: Amethyst/ Jasper/ Rock Crystal

Trees: Rowan/ Laurel/ Cedar

Animals: Otter/ Unicorn

Birds: Eagle/ Chickadee

Deities: Brigit/ Juno/ Kuan Yin/ Diana/ Demeter/ Persephone/ Aphrodite

Power flow: Energy emerging and working its way towards the surface. A time of Purification, Growth, Healing. It's now time for Self-Love, Self-acceptance and Self-forgiveness. It is also time to Accept your responsibility for past errors and to make future plans.


Worm Moon/ Storm Moon/ Seed Moon/ Moon of the Winds/ Renewal Moon

Nature Spirits: Mer-people/ Air and Water beings connected to rain and storms

Herbs: Broom/ High John Root/ Yellow Dock/ Wood Betony/ Irish Moss

Colors: Pale-Green/ Red-Violet

Flowers: Jonquil/ Daffodil/ Violet

Scents: Honeysuckle/ Apple-Blossom

Stones: Aquamarine/ Bloodstone

Trees: Alder/ Dogwood

Animals: Cougar/ Hedgehog/ Boar

Birds: Sea-Crow/ Sea-Eagle

Deities: Black Isis/ Hecate/ Astarte/ Athena/ Minerva/ Artemis/ Luna

Power flow: Energy breaks into the open, Growing, Prospering and Exploring New Beginnings. There is a balance of Light and Dark allowing you to Break Illusions and to See the Truth no matter how much it may hurt.


Hare Moon/ Growing Moon/ Planting Moon/ Pink moon/ Green Grass Moon

Nature Spirits: Plan Faeries 

Herbs: Basil/ Chives/ Dragon’s Blood/ Geranium/ Thistle

Colors: Crimson Red/ Gold

Flowers: Daisy/ Sweet Pea

Scents: Pine/ Patchouli/ Bergamot/ Bay 

Stones: Rubi/ Garner/ Sard 

Trees: Pine/ Bay/ Hazel

Animals: Bear/ Wolf

Birds: Hawk/ Magpie

Deities: Kali/ Hathor/ Bast/ Ishtar/ Venus

Power flow: Productive and creative energy. A time for change, to build self confidence and self reliance. Perfect time to take advantage of opportunities and to work on selfishness , your temper and emotional flair-ups.


Hare Moon/ Merry Moon/ Bright Moon/ Flower moon

Nature Spirits: Faeries/ Elves

Herbs: Dittany of Crete/ Elder Mint/ Rose/ Mugwort/ Thyme/ Yarrow

Colors: Green/ Brown/ Pink

Flowers: Lily of the Valley/ Foxglove/ Rose/ Broom

Scents: Rose/ Sandalwood

Stones: Emerald/ Malachite/ Amber/ Carnelian

Trees: Hawthorn

Animals: Cat/ Lynx/ Leopard

Birds: Swan/ Swallow/ Dove

Deities: Bast/ Venus or Aphrodite/ Maia/ Diana/ Artemis/ Pan

Power flow: Full creative and intuitive energy. Propagating contact with faeries and other supernatural beings. Time to strengthen your connection with supernatural beings around you. The powerflow stems from Green Gods and trees.


Mead Moon/ Lover’s Moon/ Moon of Horses/ Rose Moon/ Strawberry Moon

Nature Spirits: Sylphs/ Zephyrs

Herbs:  Skullcap/ Meadowsweet/ Vervain/ Tansy/ Dog Grass/ Parsley/ Mosses

Colors: Orange/ Golden Green

Flowers: Lavender/ Orchid/ Yarrow

Scents: Lavender/ Lily of the Valley

Stones: Topaz/ Agate/ Alexandrite/ Fluorite

Trees: Oak

Animals: Monkey/ Butterfly/ Frog/ Toad

Birds: Wren/ Peacock

Deities: Isis/ Ishtar/ Green Man

Power flow: Full but restful energy, Protective, Strengthening and Preventive energy.

The earth tides are turning, it is time to take responsibility for present happenings and work on personal inconsistencies. Time to make decisions and to strengthen or reward yourself for your positive traits.

There is so much more to the moon than we give it credit for. Knowledge our ancestors kept in mind and a connection that we have long overlooked. It is our hope that as we become more connected to our bodies through nature and spirituality, we will  begin to take notice of the inherent power we can source from the world around us. So go ahead, give these tips a try, be conscious of each month's special forces and make an effort to surround yourself with its chosen colors, scents, plants and images. We will see you soon for part two of this unique series where we will share the lunar months of July through December and their own special properties and powers.


By: Vianey