How to tell if you have met your Soul Family?

Have you ever met someone for the first time but it felt like you have met them before?

You feel this deep spiritual connection that doesn’t feel real!

Many people all around the world believe in the concept of a soul family a soulmate or a soul group.

According to certain belief systems including religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism, our physical bodies exist just in this life but our souls have been through many lifetimes.

So, when we connect to someone in this life, chances are our souls have already met in one of our past lives.

Sounds mind-boggling, right?

Let’s move forward to know more about the concept of a Soul Group:

What is a Soul Family/Soul Group?

A soul family consists of two persons or more who have a deeper spiritual bond from the past life.

These people resonate on the same frequency therefore, find themselves comfortable around each other.

When they meet in this lifetime, they feel an instant magnetic connection.

The bond doesn’t have to be romantic, in fact, it is beyond worldly opinions or personality-based hobbies and interests.

You find different types of soul group members that include your closest friends, soulmates, and twin flames.

Although you might have different backgrounds, you share the same values, feelings, and vibrational frequency.

4 Signs that you have Crossed Paths with your Soul Group:

Here are some of the signs that show you have met someone from your soul group.

Or if you haven’t felt that connection yet, this is how you will instantly realize when you meet your soul family member.

So let’s get started:

1) Deeper Eye Contact:

When you meet a person from your soul family, you do not feel awkward around them.

You also feel familiarity in making eye contact while talking to them.

It feels as if this is not the first time you have met.

You both also understand things without even saying them.

2) You both feel a Soulful Connection with each other:

When you are around your soul family members, there is no ego.

You connect with them on a deeper level that is beyond worldly status, money, and fame.

The soul family members also share the same interests such as meditation, foods, yoga, traveling, and other aspects of conscious living with you.

3) You Both Speak the Same Language:

Just as human beings have a deep connection with the Universe as we are a part of it, we also have a deeper soulful connection with our soul group.

When you find your soul group members, you realize that you both are speaking the same language.

That means you have similar insights and thoughts about the world.

It feels like you have met a mirror of yourself.

4) Your Soul Group Members appear to guide you:

The reason we cross paths with our soul group members is to get guidance. Everywhere the Universe takes us to, there is learning for us.

We all carry fears and limiting beliefs with us.

To break the old patterns, Universe brings us in contact with our soul group for guidance.

If you have met someone and you feel a strong magnetic pull, then that is your soul family member.

You will instantly feel the connection as you both resonate on the same frequency.

Make sure you take this as a learning opportunity as they will be reflecting your thought patterns, similar beliefs, and qualities.


By: Laraib