Life can be unpredictable at times when you find yourself in an unexpected problem.

When we feel depressed or anxious, we often ask ourselves too many questions.

The most common question people may ask themselves in a bad situation is “Why does everything bad happen to me?”

Of course, we can’t know all the answers to the unfortunate events that happen in our lives.

In situations like these, many people choose to consult a psychic.

While you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by your situation, you might believe everything a fake psychic is saying.

Whether you want to know about your love life, family, or career through a psychic, make sure to choose the right one.

There are many authentic and credible psychics who want to help people with all their hearts.

Instead of spending tons of dollars, look for the following signs:

1) Is your Psychic Asking too many questions?

If you find your psychic asking too many questions, this is a clear sign that they are just trying to validate their guesses.

They are probably going to make false predictions on the information that you have provided them.

Real psychics always channel your energy and tell you information that you need to know.

In fact, their readings are not as generalized as the fake psychics’ readings.

2) Are you Feeling scared?

If you are feeling scared while a psychic is doing your reading, then it is a fear tactic.

Fake psychics use fear tactics to grab your attention and make you rely on them.

It is just their way to take a bunch of cash out of your pocket.

A real psychic will never manipulate you using these fear tactics.

In fact, he or she will help you get guidance from the universe.

3) Is your Psychic Telling you that you are cursed?

Another common tactic that fake psychics use is they tell you that you are cursed.

Well, the truth is they are using deception to control you.

These scam artists use these terms to make you curious about the possible solutions to resolve your problems.

For example, if you told them you are having issues with your family, they might claim that your family is cursed.

Watch out for these scam artists who use these fear tricks to fill their pockets.

4) Is your Psychic Telling you Vague Answers?

Another sign to look for while getting a reading from a psychic is that they tell you vague answers.

They tell you general information about you and notice your reaction to a specific aspect of your life.

Once they see you get triggered by something, they start making false predictions.

The vague statements may include: “you have been stressing over something”, “you care a lot about your loved ones”, “you feel tired and are in need of a break”, etc.

5) Is your Psychic making you come back to them on a regular basis?

The real psychic will never ask you to come back for sessions regularly.

In fact, visiting them once or after a few months is just fine.

On the other hand, a fake psychic will leave you curious by the end of every session and make you come back for more.

This way you will become dependent on them and they will get a chance to make lots of money.

Final Verdict:

When we feel vulnerable, we usually listen to our emotions rather than using intelligence.

Know that nobody’s life is perfect and we all go through some difficult phases in our lives.

If you plan to consult a psychic, make sure to do your research.

Before making any decisions, look for authentic reviews about them.

A real psychic will never make you feel scared about your future!


By: Laraib