You might have heard this all of your life... “your guardian angels are watching over you”. Guess what? They are! Angels are a divine creation of God that serves a major purpose of protecting human beings. People who believe in angels are spiritually enlightened. They have a deeper understanding of the unseen power, which we cannot see but feel through our higher consciousness. Here are the 5 signs that show you are being visited by angels:

1) Repeating Numbers:

You wake up in the middle of the night at 3:33 and later that morning a car crosses you with the number 333. Are you seeing numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 1212, and other repeated numbers? That is not a coincidence! Your angels are trying to grab your attention through these repetitive numbers. As the angels are not allowed to reveal themselves to human beings, they provide guidance through these numbers. Make sure next time when you see an angel number you focus on your thoughts immediately. Your angels are telling you that they have your back whatever situation you are in!

2) Feathers:

If you are constantly finding feathers on your path in an unexpected place or time, angels are trying to grab your attention. You enter your home and see a feather laying on the floor. You're walking home and see a big feather on the sidewalk or the barista at your coffee shop is wearing feather earrings.  Your boyfriend put on his skull t-shirt and you notice there are feathers on the design… The angels are telling you that you are not alone in these hard times. Moreover, a feather appearing out of nowhere is a sign of validation that you are on the right path with the full support of divine power.

3) Babies and pets are responding to something unseen:

It is a common belief in many cultures that babies can see spiritual beings. It has also been scientifically proven that animals are able to see and hear things the human body is incapable of. 

If you are noticing your baby looking at a corner of the room and laughing at something? Does your dog perk up its ears and follow an invisible person around the room with curiosity? Babies and pets are intuitively aware and  feel happy and comfortable in the presence of an angel!


4) Dreams:

As soon as we get into a sleeping state our subconscious mind takes over. As a result, it opens a doorway to receive messages from the universe and from spiritual beings. Angels provide us guidance through our dreams. You might have seen a child or an unknown person with a smiling face in your dream talking to you. Angels are spiritual beings, filled with love. Therefore, they appear as a comforting figure to provide you the guidance that you need. If you have been unable to decipher the messages, start using a dream journal.

5) Ringing Ears:

Many people experience unexplained ringing in their ears. Angels are said to have a high vibrational frequency because of this some people hear sounds such as ringing bells or buzzing. If you do not have a medical condition and are still hearing buzzing sounds occasionally, it means you are being visited by an angel. On the other hand, some people also experience a voice in their heads as if a person were talking to them. If you can’t figure out the message your angels are conveying, you can just close your eyes, take deep breaths, and ask your angels to provide you a clearer message!

Angel or angel like beings have been  a common presence in every culture throughout the ages. They are also sometimes referred to as spirit guides. If you have experienced any of the signs we listed or a combination of them, you are most likely receiving a special message from above. Try to open your mind and heart to the possibilities of spirit.

By: Laraib