The experience of spiritual awakening varies from person to person. For some
people, it can happen in a blink of an eye. For others, it can begin with several
warning signs and can take years. It is hard to define the exact time that it takes for a person. However, there are several common signs that most people experience during awakening.
When you go through a spiritual awakening, it feels like you are waking up to life.
Everything starts to feel different as if you were blind to reality before.
If you are reading this article, chances are you are already on your spiritual awakening path.
Here are some of the major spiritual signs that you might be experiencing:
1) You Become More Intuitive and Empathetic:
You suddenly find yourself listening to other people and understanding their
situations without any judgments.
You do not only feel empathetic towards other people but also for animals.
Over time, you become more intuitive on your spiritual journey.
It feels like you already know situations before they happen or words before they are spoken.
2) You Feel a Desire to Change Your Career:
When you experience a spiritual awakening, you feel detached from your job. The reason is, you realize that you have a bigger purpose in life and this particular job is not serving your life purpose.
Even after realizing this, we are often held back because of fear or resistance. We think that if we lose this job we are going to be poor or not find a better one.
The truth is Universe is always going to have our back and provide abundance  for us if we are grateful.
All you need in that time is to have faith in Universe and let go of this resistance!
3) You are Drawn to Nature:
As you become more sensitive to the energies around you, your mind, body, and
soul desire to spend time in nature.
You suddenly feel an urge to spend alone time and connect with nature.
Spiritual activities such as yoga and meditation become part of your routine. This is a clear sign from the universe that you are "waking up" to spirit.
4) You See Angel Numbers Everywhere:
If you are seeing repeated numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 1212, and 1111
everywhere, it is a clear sign that you are on your spiritual journey.
When you are going through an awakening, you develop certain abilities.
One of which is getting signs from the angels.
You become conscious of the reality and of the deeper truths that this universe possesses.
Your guardian angels guide you to these numbers.
These angel numbers are the indication that you are protected and are on the right path!
5) You Realize the True Meaning of Oneness:
When you are being awoken, you start to realize that we all are one.
We are not defined by our worldly status, names, or physical bodies.
One day we all have to leave this planet and return to our Source.
Awakening also reveals deeper knowledge that we all came to this Earth to serve a bigger purpose.
Nothing in this world is a coincidence, in fact, situations take place for a reason.
Spiritual awakenings can be a complicated, life-changing, and overwhelming
If you are experiencing any of the five signs we listed, know that Universe has
got your back!
There might come some difficult situations but everything takes
place for a reason.
By: Laraib