4 Ways to Open Your Third Eye Chakra:

Has this ever happened to you? You have a party or an event to go to but you don't feel like going to it? Something is telling you that you should not go. Eventually you skip the party and later get the news that something bad happened there. That was your intuition guiding you to save you from that terrible incident.

There are seven main chakras (energy centers) in our bodies. Our third chakra, also known as “Ajna chakra” according to Sanskrit, is directly connected to our intuition. The third eye gives us the ability to tap into our higher consciousness and connect to the Universe. It is located on the forehead between our two eyebrows near the pineal gland. In this article, we will walk you through some simple and safe ways to open your third eye.

1) Meditation:

Meditation must be an integral part of your life. Just like your body needs food and water to function, your soul needs meditation. Meditation is not about controlling your thoughts, in fact, it teaches you to observe them. You become aware of your thought process and patterns. The best way to open your third eye is to focus on your third chakra while you are in a meditative state.

While focusing on your third eye, breathe in and fill in indigo blue light from the universe in your crown chakra. Now, let the light enter your third eye area on your forehead. Do not force anything, your intuition will guide you through this process. With every breath in, let the light fill your third eye and with every breath out, exhale all the negativity out of your body.

2) Through Yoga

Have you ever heard of the term “Kundalini yoga”? It is a spiritual yoga practice that allows you to open your pineal gland by channeling energy through your breathing. Kundalini yoga has been used for thousands of years and is still a part of many yoga practices all over the world. If you want to experience this style of yoga, make sure to try it out with an experienced practitioner.

3) Practice Silence:

Have you ever sit in absolute silence and just observe your surroundings and yourself? We may not understand the power of silence because of the constant distractions that surround us. Therefore, we experience stress and anxiety because of our overcrowded minds. Silence allows us to be able to connect with all our senses including our intuition. The more we are able to listen to our thoughts, body, and soul, the more we are able to strengthen our intuition. Try taking a few minutes out of your busy routine and practice silence in nature to open your third eye.

4) Sound Frequencies:

Many people all around the world use sound therapy for healing. There are different frequencies used to target different areas such as 432 Hz, which is known as the love frequency. Sound frequencies can also be used to open and heal your third chakra. For example, you can use 852 Hz or 963 Hz for third eye activation. It is always important to do your research before trying anything new. These frequencies are proven to stimulate your brain and make your pineal gland more receptive. Sound therapies are commonly used by reiki masters and healers all around the world. You can also work personally with a sound therapy expert for your spiritual development and third eye activation.  

Final Verdict:

Our third eye is an important part of our consciousness. All our lives, we pick up on the patterns of our society and elders and get stuck in the materialistic world. Opening the third eye leads us to intuitive wisdom and helps us connect to the spiritual world. It is ideal to consult a Master for guidance for opening your third eye but you can also use these completely safe ways to open and heal your ajna chakra.

 By: Laraib Talat