Letting go does not mean that you have to suppress your emotions and ignore them. In our lives, we come across situations that we find very difficult to handle. But holding onto suffering is not the answer. Letting go means embracing our emotions. It also means to accept our past and the fact that we cannot change it. However, to release the pain, we have to accept the situation that happened and let it go.

We, human beings, have an urge to stay in our comfort zone. Over time, we create our own reality where we feel that we are the victim and we hold on to the painful feelings. As we see people around us all our lives living in their negative thought patterns. We find it easy to follow as the feeling is familiar. To let go, we need to break these patterns. It all starts with just one step! Here are the tips to free yourself by letting go of your past:

1) Mind Control:

A human mind is the most powerful thing that we can either get control of or let it control us, leaving us powerless. It all depends on how you train your mind. To begin with, start focusing on your routine. What foods are you consuming? What is your water intake? What are your sleeping hours? We can control our minds by training our bodies to adapt to healthy patterns.

We get over millions of thoughts every second but we are trained to focus on just the negative scenarios. What if you use that time and effort to think about the blessings you have? If we are going to give others the control to hurt us whenever they want, we will be stuck in this cycle forever!

2) Acceptance:

The only way you are able to achieve acceptance is by finding the right way to express your emotions and then, letting them go. Some people might think that letting go means suppressing their emotions. It is in fact, the opposite of it. Acceptance only comes when you act like an open vessel and connect with the universe to release your negative emotions.

We think that we can’t be happy unless we find all the answers. But that is not how the divine process works. Sometimes you have to sit back and do nothing because you can’t get an explanation for another person’s actions. We just have to accept that we cannot control their actions and that is how we let go.

3) Forgiveness:

This can be the toughest step of all. Forgiving others does not justify in any way, what the other person did. In fact, you forgive others for yourself, which takes a lot of courage and strength. There is nothing you can do about someone else’s actions. However, you have control over your actions. Holding grudge and resentment will only cause you pain. To truly let of the past, it is important to forgive others and achieve a level of peace.

By: Laraib