3 Powerful Ways to Speed up your Manifestation

Humans are creative beings! Whether we believe it or not, we are here to create. Our thought processes, beliefs, and decisions play an important role in our lives. The word “manifestation” has become popular especially after the very famous movie called The Secret. It made us more widely aware of many concepts such as gratitude, manifestation, positive thinking, and so on.

So what is manifestation? Manifestation is a powerful technique that is used to transform your desires into reality. Human beings are co-creating every second with this Universe. Whether it is a negative or positive thing, we all are attracting things depending on our energy. We have gathered 3 ways that will help you  speed up your manifestation process. So let’s get started:

1) Practice Gratitude:

Many people take gratitude for granted! In our daily busy routines, we are more focused on the things that do not go our way. Most of us are in a controlling state where we hold onto fears that if a certain situation goes a certain way, then we are going to be powerless or miserable. In all these fears of losing relationships, power, money, jobs, and so on, we forget to feel thankful for the things that we have.

By practicing gratitude, you will be surprised with the positive change in your life. Not only you will feel good from within, but you will also be able to manifest wonderful things in your life such as prosperity, good health, and even romantic relationships.

2) Letting go of your Worldly Desires:

One big mistake that many people make while manifesting is they run after the things they want to manifest. The more you loosen your grip on the desired thing, the more you are able to manifest it. This can be achieved by detaching yourself from the outcome and letting go.

Know that the Universe sends people, money, success, and even life lessons our way in perfect divine timing. For example, if you want to manifest money, the more you run after it, this intense tension will create a reality of deficiency. This will also send a message to the Universe that you are out of money and as a result, you are going to attract deficiency. The right way to manifest your desires is to practice detachment and be thankful for the things you already have. This will create a reality of abundance and as a result, will attract more abundance into your life.

3) Listen to Positive Affirmations:

Words can have a strong impact on us! All our lives our brains have been programmed with fears, doubts, and negative thought processes by following patterns from our society, parents, media, and other people that we met on our journey.

To break those negative patterns, it is important to make a habit of listening to positive affirmations every day to reprogram our minds. When we are able to change our unhealthy thought patterns, we can speed up the manifestation process whether it is for love, money, or success. Some examples of affirmations are mentioned below:

  • I am abundant
  • I love myself
  • I am full of loving energy
  • I attract love
  • Every day I am attracting more and more money into my life
  • Every day I am attracting loving and positive people into my life

Final Verdict:

Know that everything is happening in a divine pattern. It is important to get rid of negative emotions such as jealousy, hatred, resentment, etc., to be able to create a space in your life for all the positive things that you desire. When you feel good from the inside, you are able to attract good from the world! So, start working on yourself my friends, and get rid of those negative patterns to attract love, abundance, creativity, and good relationships into your life.


 By: Laraib